Super Awesome Sailor Moon Swap: sent

I thought today needed some Sailor moon ^^, for the ones that don't know Sailor Moon,
she's one of the most awesomest of all superheroes who tries to save the world!
Some pictures from Sailor Moon

And on craftster, there was a sailor moon swap so I decided to join. Well actually I have been asked by my partner to join together ^^ I had never got a request before to be a partner ^^. We have been talking about this swap since June. She had one big love in the Sailor Moon series and that was Kunzite, the most baddest of the badguys. So my craft package turned a bit into a Kunzite love package ^^.
(I forgot my camera that weekend when I had to sent out so these are pictures taken by Ruby Copperhead and me on cam)
Everything together, in the hearty-bag there are cuberdons, Belgian candy.

First up, a needle organizer. She was a bit afraid to give sewing a try so I thought I'd make her this to get over her fear. All of the pages represent characters from Sailor Moon.

Next up, a bookmark featuring Dr. Tomoe (from the anime series), and 2 quotes from Kunzite from the Sailor Moon Musical.

This one is one of the hardest things I have ever made... lol :D She loves crochet and has a lot of needle hooks so I instantly thought about making a needle hook roll. But I had no clue how to start at it. With a help of fellow craftsters and some math I came up with this. Hopefully enough to store all of her needles.

featuring her favourite senshi. I found a really cute drawing on deviantart (have to look the artist up) and copied that on this. (All is drawn and coloured by hand though)

Now, a drawing (this was the reason she wanted to be partners, she saw my Anime drawing from a while back and liked it)
I asked her if she could name the episode and scene this image was coming from and she knew it!! whoa!

And lastly, Kunzite himself! hahaha <3
He has white gloves, a cape and a garment. 

 All of his hair is sewn thread per thread. I cut wool, unthreaded it, sewed it on and ironed it to make it flat. ugh... but I like the result ^^

Hope you liked this big sailor moon post!
Now I'm waiting at Ruby to send my package. I can't wait ^^ I'll show it to you if I receive it!