Busy and Happy

I'm fully working at my school tasks, I have to make a sewerage plan for "Installations" class (deadline is Thursday), for tomorrow I have to make a design with floor plans and sketches. Plus I'm also still working on the Sailor Moon swap. I had to send on Saturday but with moving from my home to my dorm I forgot some things that I needed to finish this swap. When I got home, I searched but didn't found them ... So I assumed they were on my dorm right the whole time... I came back to my dorm today and guess what ... they ARE at home! urgh that's really ... luckily my brother has class tomorrow (his school is right next to mine) and he's going to drop it off ^^. On top of that I also have a headache since Sunday morning..
On Friday I went to give blood. My very first time! My friends had done this a couple of times before and asked me to come with them. Everything went smooth but when they took the needle out of me, everything around me was turning white and becoming very very clear... I wasn't feeling well (I can't seem to find the right translation for this word, but I mean: appelflauwte...), just something to happen to me ^^:  I got a little heart key-chain and a little white backpack which means: pimpin' ! :D well actually my friends said: ooh it's white, now you can draw things on it and pimp it. I hadn't even thought about it :D 

On a happier note, remember the give-away at The Fashionate Traveller I posted about on the previous Picture Friday? I won!! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^^ I'm super happy! You could win a skirt, tophat, lipstick and eyelashes. Can't wait to try them! ^^
You can expect pictures from my biking trip this week and from my Book-haul ^^

Oh and I also found another give-away with super cute stuff. Xwhlo is having an End of Summer Give-away.
Check it out here