Give-away package received ^^

I got it!! It, being the give-away package I won from The Fashionate Traveller's give-away. It arrived on Wednesday but I couldn't open it until Friday when I returned home from my dorm. It got here very fast ^^ yay for fast mail whoot!
Onto the items.
I got a skirt from Dangerous Nude/Kera collaboration tutu skirt. I have been eying clothing from Dangerous Nude before, so this is so cool! ^^. It's a little to small though ... but I'm working on that ;)

And you know what? my mum likes the skirt! I was scared she would hate it, but she likes it :D She said: and now you have to go dancing ^^

Secondly, fake lashes! I have wanted to try these for so long, now I have some ^^ Can't wait to wear them! First have to find some good glue! (looked before but didn't found any good stuff)

Thirdly, a Lime Crime lipstick, I could choose between Orange and a pale Purple, and since purple is my favourite colour, you can guess what I choose. The lipstick itself is really cute!
the cover

And lastly, a top hat. Because I'm a bit too shy to wear such a large top-hat in public, she gave me her Baby, the stars shine bright mini top-hat which she never wore. Oh my! 

look! My first, brand, lolita item!!! I'm sooooo happy ^^

Thankyou very much The Fashionate Traveller!! ^^
If you are interested in Japanese or extreem fashion, you have to check her blog!
On another note, I bought a Dolly kei type skirt this weekend (plus a dress and a jacket :) )
I'll show you some time.