Clothing haul (Pic spam!)

I bought some clothes in the end of August and September but I never blogged about it, so I thought about doing now. Autumn is creeping up on us little country and I wanted to take another look at my new summer-dresses since I can't wear them anymore (or maybe with a good pair of leggings and a long tshirt ^^)

First up, a hat, heehee, I love the colour and the knitted cables.
 Summer dress n° 1:  I actually saw this in a clothingshop in the beginning of the summer vacation when my friend and I went shopping for sales. I loved it and tried it on but 40€ was a bit too much for me. (It was from the new collection) In August I went back to that shopping area and at the same store they still had those dresses and guess what! On sale for 10€, I bought it in an instance! Too bad summer is over now and I can't wear it just yet.

Summer dress n° 2: I actually photographed the back of it as I see now ... oops. This one has real boning in it! It's a strapless dress. Love the mitmatch of fabric

Summer dress n°3:

A flower/purple skirt, my niece (10) came up with this in a store and said that it was perfect for me.
isn't she sweet ^^

This is actually black, used the flash so you could see the knit. It also has a belt and it's actually a dress but I couldn't stand back far enough to get it all on the pic... hate having no big mirror.

a grey top (H&M)

A shirt (H&M)

I finally gave in and bought two pairs of skinny jeans. (H&M)

And as last, an autumny dress ^^ I LOVE those colours!! They are not as bright as they look

Hope you enjoyed this!
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