Easy Japanese Cooking: Mochi

Ever since I heard about Mochi, a Japanese sweet, I had to try and make it!
Just one problem... I didn't know how...
Then came Violet Le Beaux with her awesome tutorial and I was bound to make this!
But another problem arose ... I couldn't find any glutinous rice flour,...
As you maybe have read in a previous post, I found some! yay ^^ So I could finally try to make Mochi.
I'm not going to repost a recipe since Violet has one on her blog so if you want to try it, you have to head over there.
However, I do have some tips and tricks that could help :)
- I used less water than Violet said to get the honey consistency.
- When you take the the dough out of the microwave, it IS really gross but it gets better :D 
- If the dough is sticking to your fingers, take some riceflour in your hands and pad it.
- When colouring the mochi, do this BEFORE you put the dough in the microwave, not after ...
- It is a really quick and easy recipe.
- Don't forget to chew!!!!! Very important
- Don't give this to little children or older people!
- Violet makes Strawberry daifuku, but since it's very hard to make when you have no strawberries at hand (teehee) you can use other things, be creative!

Here are mine:

Some ideas:
- chocolate
- Gingerbread
- Speculaas (This is something only known in The Netherlands, Belgium, France I think)
- other fruits like apples, berries, cherries, pineapple, ...
- honey (not the runny kind 'cause you'll get honey all over your mochi and it will be very sticky)
- ...

Other recipes/fillings I found online:
- Green tea mochi with chocolate filling
- Mochi with peanutbutter filling
- Chocolate mochi with nutella filling
- Mochi filled with icecream

You know what makes mochi so special...
Every year there are 5 people who die from eating mochi, mostly older people or children (hence the warning above) 'cause the dough is very very sticky.
A picture to show you the stickiness and the elasticity

It's delicious though ;)

If you make this and someone chokes, it's not my responsibility.