I *heart* your blog part 1

A couple of days ago I told you about the "I love your blog" swap on swap-bot so finally here is my post about my partners. When I'm home, I often have troubles with blogger so that's why this post took so long. Sorry! (most of my others posts are scheduled ;) )

Author: Seren, an 40-something year young wife and mother with a fascination for hens ^^.
Blog: First up, I love her lay-out! One of the interesting things on her blog is a 100 books list which she wants to finish reading this year. Her stories about her hens are pretty funny too ^^

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Author: Rachel, a home-schooling mum who loves to craft.
Blog: She writes about her life and her crafts. Being a mom meaning she is very October! (you'll have to read her blog so find out what she is :D )
If you are interested in becoming a home-schooling teacher, this is your blog to be! 

Author: Better than Naked, an American woman who has a passion for vintage clothing and items.
Blog: She blogs about her vintage finds and handmade clothing and accessories. Another interesting things is that, on every Wednesday she hosts a give-away! Be sure to check them out! 

Author: Butt Naked Woman, first love her husband, second love crafting ^^, living in Singapore.
Blog: A blog about crafting. I loved her post about the Aranzi World Caravan. Love all the photographs she makes from crafty things.

Erica Lee

Author: Erica, a 23-year old girl who graduated in English Literature, loves to write.
Blog: She writes about fashion, blogging and everything she loves. I love her post about how to develop your own personal style and her 10 rules for better blogging. 

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Author: Only In Cambodia, a woman living by: serve first and it shall be returned. (a lovely saying)
Blog: A blog mainly about Cambodia. She posts articles, discussing these and adding her own opinion about them. Very interesting if you want to learn more about Cambodia!

Adventures with the Nowlings

Author: Carrie, a wife to a lovely husband and a mother to 3 gorgeous daughters.
Blog: She writes mostly about her family and all the adventures they find on their way through life. 

Author: Rachel, a girl living in Singapore.
Blog: Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy (such a wonderful phrase). Her recent post is about her decision quiting some of her bad habits.Every time she brakes that, she puts 1$ aside. I think that's a good thing! I'm wondering what those bad habits are :D

Author: Brooklyn, a home mom from 2, almost 3 kids
Blog: She writes about the crafts she tries, her swaps and some great etsy finds. She also has 2 shops on her blog, one for Couture and a craft shop.

All these blogs are wonderful, if you have some time on your hands, please check them out and leave a comment!