Mochi, here we come!

Another week of school is starting today, actually I had no school today (never on Monday, yay ^^) so basically it starts tomorrow... When I arrived on my dorm, I set my food and clothings in place and went to the library to return a book and got me some manga and 2 dvd's (Jane Eyre and Bridget Jones diary ... teehee) and I want to the Asian supermarket we have here in town. We don't have one where I live :(. Anyway... I finally found Glutinous rice flour!!!! Yay!! *insert happy dance*
I have been looking for that every where, I bought two packs of rice flour just to find out that they wouldn't work because there were gluten-free ... (although glutinous rice flour doesn't mean it contains gluten, I know, weird :D) You know, I have looked in that Asian supermarket before, but couldn't find it so I'm super happy I found it now! Can't wait to make mochi! yay ^^ I'm hoping I can make it this week, probably on Thursday and it not, next week!
Here it is!

Oh and another thing, I got mail today! A letter from Than Thao ^^ and a package full with nail-stickers which I'll explain to you somewhere this week ^^
I found out that I almost never make posts where I just talk about my day ... would you guys like more of those shorter "how my day has been" posts?
Now back to studying / waiting for a episode of Arashi no shiyagare to load ^^.
Have a happy (what's left of your) Monday!
(If you haven't seen my Photograph Friday post yet, be sure to check it out, it has cuteness ^^)