On the 27th of September (I'm behind with posting *teehee*) I went to the "Boekenfestijn". This is a big event where you can buy different types of books which were piling up in storage spaces from bookstores and shops. You can also buy lot's of other stuff. There were 5 loooooong tables full of craft stuff ^^.
If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, you should definitely check it out!
Every time I go there - I have gone there 4 times, two times in Hasselt, 1 time in Leuven and 1 in Brussels - I go with a pay-limit ... I never follow it... teehee ...
These are the stuff I bought.
2 cute postcards from Disney (25 ct € each), 2 birthday cards from Eeyore (isn't he cute!), a wax thing and stamp, a stamp : made with love, a container for beads or things and beads.

A close-up of the beads. I feel some cherry earrings coming ^^

Onto the manga, that's another thing why I love going there. (Almost) every manga costs 2.95 € which is in the contrary of 10 € a lot cheaper! The stupid thing is that you have to look through a whole table with layered manga which aren't organized ... It's fun searching though ^^ Most of the time there's a sale, like 4 + 1 for free but I think manga are becoming more and more popular here so it wasn't this time.
I bought 3 manga of Blade (read the first 2 already and it's good), the 2nd volume of Saiyuki, the 15th volume of Fruits Basket (really rare that you see those at this event because it's so popular) and the 1st volume of Dramacon (which I recommend !) Forgot to snap a pic of those...

Onto the real books. They also give out a free book coupon beforehand. After searching on the free books table I found a architecture book! yay ^^. Beside that, I also bought a Japanese style book and a book which contains lot's of houses from around the world. Perfect to find some inspiration ^^
I also bought a thriller/comedy called "De Seriemoordenaarsclub" or the Serial-killersclub. I always read a thriller when I have exams at school to set my minds on something else. Hope this one will do ^^

Next is a little Japanese/English dictionary. Really cheap and really useful if I go to Japan one day (hopefully!)

I also bought the entire work of Oscar Wilde for my brother but I'll steal it sometime and some giftbags for my mother.

Do you like to buy/read books? On this kind of event I can spend 3 hours just looking at books. I find it relaxing :D (and I skipped a good amount of tables too)