Sunday, January 30, 2011

3/50: Summer skirt

I finally made myself a skirt!! whoot ^^
The fabric I got from my grandmother, she had a big trunk full of fabric and I got this one.
The skirt is made using this tutorial:
without flash

with flash

Don't know if you can see it but it's actually blue with orange flowers.
Still have to line it 'cause the fabric is a bit see-through ...

I did some of the things differently in the tutorial so here are my tips,
Tips & Tricks:
- if you want a more frillier and fuller skirt, or if you have a larger waist (like me) make sure you take a bigger measurement than 91 m. Think I'm going to do my next skirt with 1.30 m instead of 90.
- When sewing a line on the long edge of the skirt to gather it. Make sure you stitch 2 lines. If one thread snaps when you're gathering it, you can use the other thread.
- When putting the elastic in the waistband, put a safety pin through the elastic and another one on the end of the elastic. It's a lot easier to put this through the waistband like this.

That's it for today ;)
Have a nice Sunday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Post

Hi everyone!
I'm in my exam period at college right now so no posts for this week.
That's also why there weren't many posts last week either.
See you soon
*study study*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deco items received ^^

Some time ago I won a give-away at Atelier Dolle and at Sweet & Tiny and my items arrived last weekend.
They are really cute so I wanted to show them to you ^^

Here's what I won at Sweet & Tiny:
2 hairclips, they are really cute! I thought about giving them to my niece but I can't part with them ^^;

and this is the second item, a chocolate ring!! ^^ Made with modeling paste (as are the clips above) very sturdy and I'm glad there's nothing sticking out 'cause I know what that gives... (broken rings TT_TT)

At Atelier-Dolle, I won a cookiestrap ^^

It's already on my phone ^^

(isn't the fabric in the bach gorgeous? I bought a pillow on sale, teehee ^^)
If you like sweets and deco, be sure to check both of their blogs!

On a side note, I bought my first lolita skirt !!!!! whooohooo
For those of you who do not know what lolita is (and no, it's not that book)
you can read something about it here and here

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Craft projects in 2011: 1/50

This year I'm creating another list of 50 items to
and this is my first one on the list: A braided chain bracelet.
When I saw this tutorial on "studs and pearls" I had all the tools at hand,
I bought a chain for my brother for his pocket watch but he didn't like it ... so it was for me to use :)
The embroidery thread I bought 2 months ago at a sale (which I showed on here) and they were the
exact same colours as her :D
And this is the result

with flash

without flash

I made it a bit to big so now I have some sort of tail hanging from it :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sales haul! ~ Picture overload

Last week I still had Christmas vacation and my mum and I went shopping for one day ^^
These are the things I bought. It's a lot ... but I don't go shopping much during the year because of no time so I can do that =D Sort of, making up for it, haha!

I needed/wanted new shoes, and I was going for flat boots because of my feet. Guess what I bought...
Short boots with heels, hehe. They are comfy though! If you also have problems with your feet, you have to take a look at the shoes from El Naturalista, they are specially made for people with difficult feet ^^.
These were actually 70%! whooot!

Next, I bought a scarf from Vera Moda for 3€ ^^ Sale! 
I found out at home that it was a really long scarf, just what I needed!

Next up, the items from H&M
Cute tote bag for 1€

Blouse for 10€, I love the little flowers and the colours.

 Love the shape of the shirt, and for 5€, I'm taking it!

Next are 2 shirts I bought to draw on. Hopefully in the near future,...
Both were 3€

At the JBC, I found this super cute sweater ^^
Can't remember the prize of this one.

And in L&L, a shop where I never go, I found this duper cute owl dress.
There was also a cat one which I liked more but they didn't got it in my size.
This was a little more expensive, like 25€

Earrings! I'm searching for this so I can create a Dolly Kei outfit, and I thought these would fit.
Plus I really like them! For only 2€, god I love sales at Six!

Soap! and not just your regular soap, Cranberry soap! I put it in my bag and in the evening, my bag was smelling like cranberries ^^ For 2€

That's it ^^
Do you guys like such a haul post or you'd rather not want me to overload you with pics?
Take care and for the people in Australia, Stay safe!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I've been drawing ^^

yay! While we watched the movie Lost in Translation this weekend I drew something again.
That has been a looooong time! And because of that, I'm going to show it to you guys.
Like you might have read in my Day Zero Project List, one of my goals is to draw something every month,
and this is it for January 2011.
Do you know the book/film Memoires of a Geisha?
I love both and I especially like the cover of the book, so that was my inspiration for this drawing!

(almost) Finished

I still have to make her eyes blue and her lips red, but I'm thinking of not doing it, or perhaps only the eyes...
What do you think?
And here are some in progress pics, which I always try to take from drawings that take longer than an hour.
This one took 2, while watching a movie and eating some chips.
So it was like, eat a chip, wipe hands of, take pencil, draw line, eat a chip, wipe hands, ... XD

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Zero Project

While surfing Drea's blog I saw her post about the Day Zero Project, and I decided to join.
It's a lovely alternative for the New Year resolutions that (almost) no one ever can keep on.
Basically, you have to think of 101 different goals you have to accomplish in 1001 days.
And the first 6 goals you have to copy, which are:

1. Think of 101 goals for this project
2. I may change a goal anytime I want to
3. Use a piggy bank for the Day Zero Project
4. Add *an amount of money* to the piggy bank after completing a goal
5. Blog every goal (0/101) 
6. Do something fun with the money by the end of this project

If you don't have a blog, you can make up another goal for that one.
I posted my list on a different page, here it is

Start of project: Sunday, January 09 2011
End of project: Sunday, October 06 2013

If you think about making a list too, let me know and I'll add your link to my Day Zero Project Page.

- Drea

Friday, January 7, 2011

Photograph Friday ~ Picture overload

Okay, here's the loot op photographs that I promised last Saturday. They are pics of my trip to Switzerland and Italy from last March.
And because I already made a small post with information about this trip as a concept post. I'll post that too ;)

Day 1: 27th of March 2010
We left at 6.00 am in Belgium and headed to Ronchamp (about 479 km) where we visited the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut designed by Le Corbusier (a famous Swiss-French Architect from begin 20e century) 
You can say Haut (high) damn right... our bus had so much trouble climbing the way up on the mountain that I was scared we'd be rolling backwards anytime soon.
Lovely view from the church

And when I looked the other way, this is the view you got.

 I love how Le Corbusier played with the lighting inside the Chapelle.

After that we went to Basel and visited the Fondation Beyeler at Basel. (96 km)
No pictures inside :(. There was a large collection of Henri Rousseau paintings, some Picasso and other artists.
I bought my brother a postcard (this one) 'cause he loves art.
And from Basel we went to Chur (214 km) to have our diner which we started at 8.30 pm (that's just to late for a 3 course meal) As entrée we had tomatoes, mozarella and salat dressed with a disgusting sauce. Main course was yummy, spinach pasta with pork swimming in rum-cognac sauce. Normally I can't stand anything with alcohol in it but I didn't taste the alcohol so it was good ^^.
I was happy our room was on the groundfloor  and we had one that was wheelchair friendly.
Me and my friend were very tired so we decided to hit the bed early (11 pm) while our other 2 room-mates were gone socializing. Guess who were still awake when those 2 came back :D

Day 2: 28 of March 2010

We started the day with a nice breakfast and headed to Chur center.
And that's the end of the detailed information ^^;.

Entrance of a museum

A church in a cemetery in Chur.

This cemetery had a really special feeling round it. I particularly liked this tombestone and the wall you see behind it with the stones and the trees in them.

The house of architect P. Zumthor.

 And I really really love this shot. The person in this is a friend of mine ^^

Inside a school

That's it for now, next week more pics from this trip ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Presents

Like I said before, we exchanged Christmas presents on New Year's eve so that's why this post is one week late ^^
I got an alarm, which I'm planning to deco ^^. I wanted a cute one but that too hard to find around here so I'm making it cute myself, ha!

Next up, a new mouse, andddd it's PURPLE ^^ <3<3<3
I needed a new one 'cause my other one was too small for my hand, so when I had to work on my plans for school (which takes 3-4 days, 'till somewhere in the night) I needed one that was better for my hand. Plus my old one didn't scroll anymore.

Legwarmers ^^ With fur. I am planning to wear them over my boots. I think it'll look cute ^^

And lastly, fur boots to wear inside the house. Hoping to score some real boots like this on sale, let's hope I can find them!

Aaaaaaaand I just got to know that I won 2 prizes at the give-away from Sweet & Tiny!!
Whooooot ^^ I'm lucky!
So that's it for now!
Have a nice day/night

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy NewYear!!

Happy Newyear everyone!!!!
Hope you had a lovely New Year's eve with lot's of fireworks.
We opened our Christmas presents yesterday evening. I'll show you what I got later this day or tomorrow ^^.
As a hint, I'm using 2 of the 3 things right now :D
On a sadder note, my mp3 broke. I touched it and it said: grrgrzzeerjekj and than everything was stuck ...
/Edit/ I fixed it! yeah! ^^

No Photograph Friday this week either, but I'm making up to you next week with a bunch of pics from my trip to Switzerland and Italy ^^

At the moment, Mini Mo from Sweet & Tiny is having a give-away, which ends tomorrow. So be sure to join!
She's got a lot of presents, for 12 people! ^^