Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sophie & Toffee Give Away

At the moment Sophie & Toffee is having a give away,
they are giving away packs of free cabochons of over 200 pieces to 5 lucky winners who spend more than S$10 on their shop.  (Oh and remember to use the VALERIE10 code to get 10% off!)

Read more about this give-away here
Be sure to subrscribe to their mailing list 'cause they hold lot's of giveaways for their loyal customers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet my Puppet and doll!

Have we met before? I don't think so ... Hi! I'm Miyuki, puppet of Riechan. This is my newly made outfit. A halterdress made from a Tshirt sleeve. Suits me well don't you think?

Miyuki is made using Ghillie's pattern.
Her body is from felt, hair is from wool, eyes are from Glass Eyes, lashes are from an ebay store.

And this is my other doll. She was a present from my grandma and is very dear to me. She doesn't have a name though. Has anyone a good suggestions? The skirt she's wearing was to test out the pleats I have used for my musicnote skirt (which is almost finished).

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Capelet: Update

Like I posted here before (there's the tutorial too), I'm making a capelet from an old sweater from my mum. 
Starting out with this lovely red sweater.

Snippity Snip, and there's the basic shape

Snip to the front to open it up.

This is the bottom which would be good for a cowl if you line it with fleece or something, which I'm also going to do!

And all that's going unused from the sweater. I have an idea for the shoulderpads though, perhaps a footcushions.

Finished the sides with black bubbly fabric, made a tag and sewed on a button as an closure.

Still need to finish the low seam but I'm looking for some black lace. Or do you think I could do the same thing around the bottom as I did on the opening?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deco! Headphones with small tutorial

A while ago I bought a microhpone and a pair of headphones, which meant, new items to deco! The microphones has to wait but the headphone is almost ready. One side done, the other one almost.
I had to do something with music so a simple design of a music note on one side and two little ones on the other side. The big one is finished.
All the supplies used are from Sophie & Toffee (use the VALERIE10 code to get 10% off ;) )

Before we start with the tutorial, a warning. If you want to deco an object which can break like headphones, mouses, mp3's,... make sure you can REMOVE THE DECO!! If it breaks and you want it fixed, your warranty doesn't count anymore! There are different ways to make the deco removable like decoing a case for your mobile phone or use the following plastic.

Firstly, take a piece of clear sticky book wrapping plastic thing (the kind you use to wrap books to protect them but you're still able to see their cover, don't know the English word for this ^^')
Measure your space and trace out on the sticky paper.
Draw your design with a marker.
Get your glue, rhinestones and toothpicks and start applying the rhinestones.
When it's dry, apply a clear coat. (not necessary but I like to do this )
Take the back layer from the paper and apply it onto the surface.

I really like the result ^^ What do you think?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sophie & Toffee Review 3#

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products.

These are the items they sent me. I am so excited to try out their own polymer clay! (which will have to wait for another post though) But first I'll show you the rest of the items.

One of the things I absolutely loved in their stock is their huge variety of flowers. I think almost every girl loves flowers right? I got a selection of some of their lovely designs.

As you can see there are bigger and smaller sizes. The bigger ones are great for hairaccesoires or a big statement ring, the smaller ones are super cute and make a cute ring or if you make a hole in them (as suggested on the Sophie & Toffee website) could be a lovely pair of earrings.

Big Chrysanthemum Flower in pink: click
Big Ruffled Flower in red: click
Rose Flower in black: click
Glitter Rose Flower in white: click
Small Rose & Hydrangeas Flowers in violet: click
Small Asiatic Lilies Flowers Bouquet in tiffany blue: click

They also have a small variety of findings in their shop, not many deco shops carry everything you need to deco. In this picture you see their 2 rings on the right, and one I already had on the left. As you can see their design look more elegant.
I like that they have one with a bigger pad and one with a smaller pad. To be honest I never saw a ring with that design or with a pad smaller than 10 mm in any shop round here.

Sliver Plated Fancy Adjustable Ring Pad ring with 10 mm pad (click) and 6 mm pad (click)

Like I said above, I turned 2 flower cabochons into jewellery. It's really easy, if you don't know how, here the link to my tutorial. One in a cute ring and another one in a hairpin (click)

Something new in their shop. I love glitter and I was very excited to find this in my package ^^ I'm going to try and use it when I use my resin for the first time! So that review also will have to wait :s

Ultra Fine Sliver Glitter Powder for Crafting (click)

There was also a package of dark red rhinestones (click) but I have used them in a recent deco project so you'll see them there ;)

Last but not least, the big Hello Kitty (click) I love it! I don't really have an idea yet what I can do with it but I will find one! It's quite heavy so not a good idea to attach it to your cellphone.
She's visiting my niece at the moment (she's a biiiig fan of Hello Kitty, haha) so no picture but you can see her at the picture from the beginning of this post.

Also because I'm an ambassador, Sophie & Toffee gave me a couponcode to share with my readers, to if you want 10% of your purchase, use the code "VALERIE10".

Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm busy crafting right now ^^ I'm turning an old sweater from my mum into a capelet! ^^
Here's the tutorial I am using:

Threadbanger love!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day Zero Project: Update

It's been a while since my Day Zero Project list has been updated.
These are the things I accomplished since the last update:

9. Go to the dentist
Done. I don't like it, don't hate it either but still ...

12. Re-organize my craft supplies:
I bought some containers to organize everything, I have labelled some of the boxes, not everything yet but I'm getting there so yay ^^

17. Make items to sell on 'Riechan'
As you could see in a previous post, I have done that!

36. Learn to drink tea: done!
I can now drink tea! well, with sugar or honey. 

48. Buy a CD of one of my favourite artists
Bought one from Lady Linn, a Belgian artist, if you like swing or jazz, you should check her out! link

75. Hold an Arashi Marathon
Did one with a fellow arashi loving friend ^^ 

87. Go to a concert
Went to Jazz Middelheim, saw Lady Linn, Allen Toussaint & Marc Ribbo Duo and Jamie Culum (which was ... totally AWESOME!!)

96. Join another musical camp
Peter Pan! This was another very fun camp! Hopefully I can join again next year! 

97. Give my mother a present just because.
I bought her a nose to put her glasses on... lol... something like this.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Because every girl deserves to be a princess

or at least one on your tshirt ^^
I LOVE Disney, and one of my favourite films is Cinderella.
Yesterday I was messing around with textile paint and wanted to try out the Freezer paper I got some time ago!
I loved it! And I will never make a stencil using my other way (unless all my freezerpaper gets used up and I have to order some again 'cause you can't get it in Europe :s)
Just printed out a stencil, traced it onto the freezerpaper, cut it out, ironed it on a tshirt, painted, dried and done!

The whole shirt

Last week, we had one day with summer weather (it's being autumn-like here all summer :s )
And my niece and I decided to get together and do some crafting.
She was talking about how she was rewatching Pokémon, and her friends nicknamed each other after pokémons. She was togepi. So we made a shirt featuring some of her favourite ones and her togepi.
This was done without freezer paper, just printing out pokemon in black & white, putting the paper in the shirt and tracing it first with pencil, than with fabric pen. Togepi was drawn by me and traced by her.
She was very happy with it! ^^

Have any of you watched pokémon when you were younger? I remember setting my alarm to wake on time and watch an episode every weekend. ^^' My favourites were pikachu, eevee, ninetales and charizard.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have thought about using a wig before but they're quite expensive to just try them out.
For example, I have brown curly hair but I'd love to wear straight hair with the fuss having to straighten my hair or having another colour. I love red or burgundy hair but I'm too shy to wear my hair in those colours every day, so a wig would be perfect! teehee.
Through egl (the elegant lolita livejournal community) I found a wig shop on facebook, called Lockshop (and two smoking barrels). 
She is now having a contest where you can win a coupon for 50% or for 25% off for her shop!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shop opened: Riechan.

I finally took the step and set up my shop called 'Riechan.' You can check out the items at my dawandashop.
Yay! Yesterday I made the facebook page for my shop! And today I got 2 commissions for 2 friends of mine ^^
Here's the page:
And some products I wanted to show you ^^