Because every girl deserves to be a princess

or at least one on your tshirt ^^
I LOVE Disney, and one of my favourite films is Cinderella.
Yesterday I was messing around with textile paint and wanted to try out the Freezer paper I got some time ago!
I loved it! And I will never make a stencil using my other way (unless all my freezerpaper gets used up and I have to order some again 'cause you can't get it in Europe :s)
Just printed out a stencil, traced it onto the freezerpaper, cut it out, ironed it on a tshirt, painted, dried and done!

The whole shirt

Last week, we had one day with summer weather (it's being autumn-like here all summer :s )
And my niece and I decided to get together and do some crafting.
She was talking about how she was rewatching Pokémon, and her friends nicknamed each other after pokémons. She was togepi. So we made a shirt featuring some of her favourite ones and her togepi.
This was done without freezer paper, just printing out pokemon in black & white, putting the paper in the shirt and tracing it first with pencil, than with fabric pen. Togepi was drawn by me and traced by her.
She was very happy with it! ^^

Have any of you watched pokémon when you were younger? I remember setting my alarm to wake on time and watch an episode every weekend. ^^' My favourites were pikachu, eevee, ninetales and charizard.