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Drama Review: Tada kimi wo aishiteru ~ Heavenly Forest

my first drama review, hope you enjoy it!

Tada Kimi wo aishiteru ~ Heavenly forest

Japanese film
translation of the titel: Just loving you

Tamaki Hiroshi -> Makoto
Miyazaki Aoi -> Shizuru
Kuroki Meisa -> Miyuki

Love - Photography - Outcast - Friendship

The stories begins when a photographer, Makoto (guy), travels to New York to find his best friend Shizuru (girl). Then it takes you back in time ...
The two studied together at the same university and met at the welcomes ceremony. 
Because Makoto is a very unsure and shy guy, he avoids contact with people but through the persistence of Shizuru and her happy-nosy company, Makoto crawls out of his shell.
Makoto is totally in love with a girl from his class, Miyuki, and because of that, Shizuru thinks she has to be friends with her too!.
Shizuru get's interested in photography and they spend a lot of time together in a forest taking pictures.
When they decide to enter a contect, they go out to "their" forest and start making photos.
After these pictures, Shizuru disappears out of Makoto's life ...
site-note: It's based on a book.

What do I think?
It's a film with a very surprising precious story that starts out light and happy. 
I loved the way Makoto and Shizuru interacted! Tamaki Hiroshi and Miyazaki Aoi portayed their charachters very well! I love Tamaki Hiroshis acting! and who can resist a very cute and lovely nerdy-nosy Miyazaki Aoi?
The glimpse of the forest are absolutely stunning!
The story just didn't let go of me, a few weeks after I watched it, it sometimes just popped up in my head again.
It's a must-see on the list of people who love romance, drama and well Japanese movies!
Ooh ! Don't you watch any trailers before you watch the movie!

In one sentence
Simply beautiful

Riechan's values:
Music: 8/10
Acting: 9/10
Story: 8/10

Happy wappy: 4/10
Fight: 0/10
Blood and Gore: 0/10
Tears: 10/10


Look at that face! So cute :3

Want to see?

Was this review useful to you? Let me know!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review coming up soon!

A quick post for now,
I am working on my paper for school which has to be done tomorrow so I can print! rushrush ...
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that somewhere next week (or even this weekend 'cause I can't wait that long >.<) I am going to post my first review ^^.
I have made some reviews before but they were written in Dutch and because most of the readers that drive by my blog are English speaking, that just won't do, will it?
Hope you look forward to it ^^.
I still have 4 exams left *sigh*
After that I'm going to post some new things.
See yah next time!
Back to my paper...
 (I'm writing about green bricks to build houses with, like bricks made from garbage... Yes They Exist!)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Japanese type goodies Part 1

I bet you all want to see what kind of witty Japanese goodies I have at my dorm? Don't you? Sure you do!
Luckily I took some pictures yesterday so I don't have to move a bit *being lazy...*

First thing, My USB stick, I made her from polymarclay and paint (her face)
If anyone wants a little tute to make their very own unique USB-stick, just ask ;)


Next up, my new wallet! Got it in the November birthday swap at from alwaysinmyroom.
She used Japanese fabrics!!

This is a keything, well a thing to punt round your key so you find it quicker (am I making sense?)
It's Hello Kitty and sits around my dorm key. (it is white but a bit dirty...) 
I bought it at a Japanese bookstore in Düsselfdorf, Germany. Oh man, I would love to go there again !

Next is a wallet I got with a Daisuki magazine I bought in Aken, Germany. It holds some change. I fell in love with the lady and who can resist polka dots?

Here's a Hello Kitty eraser you can put on a pencil. Bought them in Düsseldorf,  another bookstore than the keything. 
There were also some flowershaped erasers but they are gone (used, lost, somewhere ...)


This item actually has a little funny story, my friend bought this in London and gave it to me after a couple of months (she always forgot to give me it) So when I got it, she said: These Hello Kitty cookies!  When I got at my dorm, I opened the thing and inside there were lot's of little packages which were just too thin to be cookies. The japanese obsessed girl I am, I immediately start translating the hiragana on the package with my very new japanese-english dictionary. When I was translating the thing... I noticed the sticker on the side, saying ... ... ... Rice seasoning ... ... ... I was like: uh?! Than I looked at the date (which says: better use if before...), it was already 3 months later... so this still sits on my shelf being very Hello Kitty like but I never dared to open one of the packages ... a shame, I know ...
I think I am going to use those packages to make some jewelery or papercrafting.

Here they are:

And the other side

But wait! There's more! I also have posters... lot's and lot's of poster :D 
But not for right now ...

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My first tries at nail art.

During the holidays I was spending some time on the internet searching for nail art tutorials, (useful links below)
After that I bought new nail polish, black and blue metalic colours.
Than I got all of my 
mums other polish out of the closet, most colours were red, pink, and red and pink ...
And this is what I got after letting all of the polish go wild on my nails.
I don't have any fancy nail brushes (I can't find those thin one anywhere around here...), just using a thin paint brush.

Black with a blue wavy line
Blue with black dots
Cherry red (ring and pinky finger)

Cherry red with white sakura flowers
Cherry red with black stripes and white dots (was going to a look like Mondrian's paintings)
Light glittery pink with cherry red dots
Tried a grading shade here, from bright pink to cherry red
Black with stripes of pink and light glittery pink

This were my nails for Christmas, I was going for little sakura flowers, colours I used are cherry red - black - white

Here are my New year nails:

Found some inspiration in the Japanese magazine Nail up! (thankyou Violet Le Beaux!) It's completely dedicated to Nails (natural and fake) I love it!

You can find scans of it everywhere on livejournal (useful links, scroll down)
I wanted to go for a for a brushed out look (am I making sense?)

without flash

with flash

Useful links about nail art:
Nails by asami tutorials for creating fake nails
Nail Art Tuesday : tutorials on natural nails
Mini nail blog 
Never too much glitter : : tutorials for creating lovely fake nails + pictures of Japanese nail art
Ask me what's : tutorials for beginners (look at the tags on the right)
Create Magical nails :
 lot's of information about at home nail designs & treatments

Nails étoile 
Pretty nails

Links to livejournal groups which post Nail up!, Nail max scans for you to download (could this title be any longer?)
Ann & Michy
Kawaii Miss Lyss' Japanese Magazine scan downloads
Japanese Fashion Magazine scans (Nail up)
Japanese Fashion Magazine scans (Nail up!)

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Craft: Kanzashi / rice glue

A while ago I tried my hand at making rice glue. I'll tell you how I did it but first let me tell you something more about Kanzashi,
For the ones that don't know Kanzashi and I think there are many people who haven't heard of these lovely things yet,
here's a little explanation:
Kanzashi are traditional hairaccesoires used in Japanese hairstyles.
Kanzashi actaully means hairaccessory .
Tsumami kanzashi flowers, made by Naomi Graham-Diaz (c) PuchiMaiko.comYou see them the most on Geisha's and brides but women nowadays are seeing more and more the beauty of those little flowers.
So onto my story,
I would love to try and make a kanzashi again, my previous attempt was a  failure not so good. I just cut little squares (which weren't even) fold them and glued with hot glue (which burned my fingers). That's why I am making rice glue, it's fingersafe and doesn't leave stains, it's DIY and environment friendly! You can use it also for paper crafts and others.

It took about 1 hour to make it look like porridge, it was such a mess to get the glue and not the rice parts in my bottle, but it's worth it!
I immediately started cutting out and shaping petals, and that glue really works!
I wonder if I can use it to make my maquettes... (studying architecture)

Some links to How-to's and more information:
How to make rice glu

credit for the picture: Tsumami kanzashi flowers, made by Naomi Graham-Diaz (c)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy Japanese cooking: Onigiri

 After finally finishing and presenting a big project yesterday, my friend and her boyfriend and I celebrated it with onigiri!
They are really simple riceballs filled with good stuff, a traditional Japanese dish, often used as a snack but it's just as good as a whole meal.
We made them filled with chicken, tomato and egg, but you can fill them with anything you want! That's what's so awesome about them!! :D
Here's my little recipe: onigiri goes European style

- chicken
- tomatoes
- eggs
- sticky rice, like basmati of thaise, with a small grain.
- sauce you like
- seaweed (if you have it)
- little bowl with water and a bit of salt

How to:
- Boil the rice and the eggs.
- Cut the tomatoes and the boiled eggs in small pieces
- If the rice is ready, let it cool
- Cut the chicken in small pieces and bake
- when everything is ready, wash your hands!
- now get a little bit rice in your hands, make a little bowl and fill with what you want (not to much)
- put another bit of rice on top and shape
(- cut a rectangle out of the seaweed and put it around the rice ball)
- put aside and start making balls 'till all the rice is used
- when you are going to make another ball put your hands in the little bowl with water so the rice won't be sticking to your hands
- most likely you will have left-over filling
- Eat! Itadakimasu! (Thankyou for the meal)

You can put those onigiri in the refrigerator or take with you in your bentoboxes to school or work.

Picture: (scroll down for useful links etc !)

Useful links about Onigiri:

Onigiri, how to make them work:
Onigiri, the historie, how to make them:

Ichiban Kanusa
Sugar Charms

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arashi ranking!

I found this website of my favourite Japanese  boysband called Arashi, to find out your favourite one from the band (as if I don't know that already ^^)
If you have never heard of them. You should check them out!
Their music is lovely (from r&b 'till rap 'till boysbandish) but I love them even more for the shows they do (and they are HOT!). You can listen to some of their songs on the right in the musicplayer.
I don't know about America or any other countries but in Belgium most quizes and shows are with normal people (like not famous) but in Japan all of those shows are with famous people.
Arashi has a huge number of shows like Arashi no shudukai kun, every episode they get another guest or duo and they play games (Aibakaland) and try out weird/expensive food. Than you have Himitsu no arashi VIP ROOM where the lady guest gets to decide which one from Arashi would be good as their boyfriend or VS Arashi, a game show where Arashi and guests have to battle to win! By playing games like Rolling coin Tower or Pipe catcher and such ... They are sooooo funny and cute!
Here's my ranking
First one: Matsumoto Jun
Second: Sakurai Sho
Third: Aiba Masaki
Fourth: Kazunari Ninomiya
Fifth: Satoshi Ohno
RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

Usefull links if you want to know more about them:
- The Arashidex
- Arashi @ wikipedia

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Easy Japanese cooking: Omuraisu

So when I was looking at a Mago Mago episode from Arashi*,
Matsumoto Jun's was cooking a Japanese dish called Omuraisu, basically an omelet with rice inside.
I thought, I can make that too !!
So I did ^^. And even better, all things I needed were in my fridge.
This is my recipe loosely based on Matsujun's recipe.


Ingredients :

- chicken
- rice
- vegetables: tomato, green pepper, onion, ...
- mushrooms
- ketchup
- 2 eggs / person

How to:

- Boil the rice (instead of boiling rice, you can use some leftover rice for the other day, but don't start to warm it yet)
- Cut the chicken (could also be some leftover) in small pieces and chop all the vegetables.
- bake the chicken (not brown yet)
- add the chopped vegetables and let soften, stir
- If it's softened, add the rice (here comes the leftover rice) and stir so the rice takes over the colour.
- turn off the heat and add 1 teaspoon ketchup / person. (if you're making this, I would start of with 1 teaspoon and taste..., 'cause too much ketchup is just too much ketchup ) + keep on stirring!!
- let this rest
- Beat 2 eggs and pour the eggs in the pan (add again some oil in the pan before you do this)
- (since I work with 1 pan, I put this on a plate and put the egg in the same pan)
- shape a nice round omelet (DON'T FLIP), just let it bake until you only have small liquid of egg left on the top (not burning ...)
- put some seasoned rice in the middle of your omelet and fold one side of the egg to the other one (see picture), so the rice is inside the omelet.
- take a plat and put it on top of the pan and flip
- You can add some more ketchup on top to give it a nice touch and you have yourself a tasty Japanese dish: Omuraisu! Itadakimasu!!!! (Enjoy your meal)

And the end result:

I also made one with rice, bacon, corn and carrot (that was everything that I had left in my fridge..)
here's the result:

Feel free to try it! Let me know if you like or not.

* Arashi = Japanese popular all boys band, they have lot's of tv shows, if you want a good laugh, check them out on youtube ^^

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drama, drama!! I just love drama ^^

Since I LOVE Japanese drama, I decided to make this post about the Japanese dramas and films I've seen the past months.
Here's the list:

Japanese/Korean drama's / Movies I have seen: 
x Shimotsuma monogatari (film)
x Daremo Shiranai = Nobody Knows (film)
x Kikujiro no natsu (film)
x Takeshis (film)
x Battle Royale 1 (film)
x Battle Royale 2 (film)
x Moon child (film)
x Death note 1 (film)
x Sailor moon
x Detective Conan ep 1 + special
x Hana kimi *LOVE*
x Nodame Cantabile *LOVE* (rewatched 1 time)
x Nodame Cantabile Shinshen Special in Europe
x Hana yori dango season 1 *LOVE!!* (rewatched 1 time)
x Hana yori dango season 2 *LOVE!!* (rewatched 1 time)
x Hana kimi special (film)
x Tada, kimi wo aishiteru = Heavenly Forest (film) *LOVE* Review!
x Crows Zero (Oguri Shun)
x Hana yori dango (film) *LOVE*
x Azumi (film)
x Azumi 2, Love and death (film)
x Waterboys (film) *FUN*
x Yellow tears (film)
x Boys Over flowers *LOVE LOVE* Korean
x The last princess (film)
x Bambino
x Heroes Vol 1, 2, 3 and 4 (I just LOVE this ;) )
x ON HOLD Akihabara deep: ep 2,5
x ON HOLD Binbo Danshi ep 4
x ON HOLD Maou ep 4
x Hanabi (film)
x DROPPED Cinderella Man ep 2 (Korean)
x Zatoichi (film)
x Gokusen I

x ON HOLD Shinjuku Tanteidan Shonen (first 2 parts)
x Love Shuffle
x Tokyo dogs *FUN*
x You're Beautiful *Love* Review

For you to decide what to see:
x Boys Over flowers (Korean)
x Hana yori dango (film)
x Nodame Cantabile
x Nodame Cantabile Shinshen Special in Europe
x Hana yori dango season 1 & 2

x Love Shuffle
x You're Beautiful (Korean)

x Azumi (film)
x Azumi 2, Love and death (film)
x Crows Zero (film)
x Battle Royale 1 (film)
x Battle Royale 2 (film)
x Moon child (film)

x Gokusen
x Hanabi (film)
x Battle Royale 1 & 2 (film) (16+)

x Waterboys (film)
x Hana kimi
x Hana kimi special (film)

x Gokusen
x Tokyo Dogs

(Weird but) beautiful:
x Hanabi (film)
x Yellow tears
x Daremo Shiranai = Nobody Knows (film)
x Kikujiro no natsu (film)
x Takeshis (film)
x Tada, kimi wo aishiteru = Heavenly Forest (film)

From manga:
x Death note 1 & 2 (film)
x Sailor moon
x Detective Conan ep 1 + special
x Nodame Cantabile
x Gokusen
x Bambino
x Hana kimi
x Battle Royalle 1 & 2
x The last princess (film)

x Bambino : cooking
x Shimotsuma monogatari (film): girl power / lolita
x Tokyo dogs: police comedy 

My favourites sites to watch drama:

My soju
Drama Click
I will be keeping this list up to date.

Ooh you can also expect some reviews from drama's I saw.
Let me know if you've seen some and which ones you liked or didn't like.
Or which one you want a review on.

See you later!

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Moved from my livejournal blog: Riechanster

Hello everyone!
I decided to move my blog from livejournal over to here. Livejournal just wasn't working for me so hopefully blogspot will!.
For the next month I am going to repost posts I made on the livejournal one so you guys know what I have been up to! + I have exams so it's easier than writing a whole new post :)
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave comments and give me feedback about what you think or want or ... ^-^