My Japanese type goodies Part 1

I bet you all want to see what kind of witty Japanese goodies I have at my dorm? Don't you? Sure you do!
Luckily I took some pictures yesterday so I don't have to move a bit *being lazy...*

First thing, My USB stick, I made her from polymarclay and paint (her face)
If anyone wants a little tute to make their very own unique USB-stick, just ask ;)


Next up, my new wallet! Got it in the November birthday swap at from alwaysinmyroom.
She used Japanese fabrics!!

This is a keything, well a thing to punt round your key so you find it quicker (am I making sense?)
It's Hello Kitty and sits around my dorm key. (it is white but a bit dirty...) 
I bought it at a Japanese bookstore in Düsselfdorf, Germany. Oh man, I would love to go there again !

Next is a wallet I got with a Daisuki magazine I bought in Aken, Germany. It holds some change. I fell in love with the lady and who can resist polka dots?

Here's a Hello Kitty eraser you can put on a pencil. Bought them in Düsseldorf,  another bookstore than the keything. 
There were also some flowershaped erasers but they are gone (used, lost, somewhere ...)


This item actually has a little funny story, my friend bought this in London and gave it to me after a couple of months (she always forgot to give me it) So when I got it, she said: These Hello Kitty cookies!  When I got at my dorm, I opened the thing and inside there were lot's of little packages which were just too thin to be cookies. The japanese obsessed girl I am, I immediately start translating the hiragana on the package with my very new japanese-english dictionary. When I was translating the thing... I noticed the sticker on the side, saying ... ... ... Rice seasoning ... ... ... I was like: uh?! Than I looked at the date (which says: better use if before...), it was already 3 months later... so this still sits on my shelf being very Hello Kitty like but I never dared to open one of the packages ... a shame, I know ...
I think I am going to use those packages to make some jewelery or papercrafting.

Here they are:

And the other side

But wait! There's more! I also have posters... lot's and lot's of poster :D 
But not for right now ...

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