Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY - Friday: Striped bangles

Have you seen those nail + jewellery type tutorials around lately as well?
I did and when I was looking through my sad bangle stash it hit me! They need some spice and what could be better (and easier) than applying some nail polish!

What you need:
x Nail polish in your favourite colours
x Clear top coat nail polish
x Bangles
x Pliers (or chopsticks if you're handy with them)
x Paper tape (not necessary)
x A piece of paper or cardboard as protection for your table

What you do:
First decide if you want to make your stripes even or want it just a little more artistic ~.
If you want more even stripes you can use the paper tape to tape of the areas which you don't want to paint.
But I don't like it that polished (see what I did there!) so just dived in!
Open your polishes.
With your pliers, grab your bracelet.
Now start painting stripes on the bangle.

Let it dry. Finish it off with a coat of clear polish.
When looking at this picture I noticed I made a gryffindor bracelet! Ha!

And now wear it with pride! ^^

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fixing a paper umbrella

Perhaps some of you have read the post when I bought two Asian style wooden parasols for 1€. One made from silk and the other one from paper. Because it was windy that day, the paper one went flying (before I bought it) and it got holes in it (which is why I got it for free!). This week I finally tackeled those holes!

disclaimer: If you have an antique parasol, it's better to get it fixed by a professional.

This is the parasol I'm talking about!
I did a bit of research online and I think I found a good method!

One of the bigger holes. But there are also a lot of smaller cracks and little tears.

This is how some were fixed. Not really good...

Tools I used!

- washi: japanese rice paper. I also read that someone just used regular paper towels to fix his/her parasol.
- a brush
- tweezers or a pair of chopsticks if you're skilled with them
- Fabric glue, white craft glue, paper glue
- scissors

The method I used:
Cut out a piece of washi which is 1-2 cm bigger than your tear.
It's easier to apply glue to your parasol first. Then add your washi piece and add some more glue.
This is a fixed area.

To handle bigger holes, you use the same method.
But in my case, the paper was folded to the outside and I wasn't able to pull it back to close the hole. So I grab a paper towel and some water and made the paper wet. This way I could get the piece to close the hole. After it dried, I went ahead and applied glue and the pieces of washi.
If you have a bigger hole, you can use more than 1 piece.



And these are the fixed holes when the glue dried