Monday, March 29, 2010

Architecture trip to Italy: Third day

Today we're driving to Vicenza.

Bellinzona-Vicenza 303km
8u00     breakfast
9u00     15km    9u30 Monte Tamaro Mario Botta
                        per cablecar (is that correct?) to Monte Tamaro
11u30   37km    Mendrisio
                        Visit of the department of architecture
                        Visit of the dormrooms
16u00   259km  20u00   Vicenza
night in Vicenza

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Architecture trip to Italy: Second day

Today we're heading to Bellinzona with a few stops along the way.
8u00     breakfest
9u00     taking a look around the city Chur
            visit a archeological site by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor
            visit a home for the elderly by ouderen Peter Zumthor
            visit the cemetery Furstenwald by the landscape architect Vogt
11u30   Chur-Paspels    22km    12u00 visit of the school Paspels by Valerio Olgiati
12u30   Paspels-Thusis 12km    13u00 pick-nick in the special Viamala raststätte
14u00   Thusis-Bellinzona-Ascona-Brissago       122km
            16u00 visit of the chapel Porta (Cavadini)
17u00   Brissago-Monte carasso           28km
            17u30 visit of Convento by Snozzi
18u00   Bellinzona
            Visit of Castelgrande by Galfetti
            Visit of  Swisscom Business-centre by Mario Botta
night and diner in Bellinzona

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Architecture trip to Italy: First day

Hi guys! I'm going to update everyday what we are going to visit and see on our trip.
Just in short, so you have an idea where I am ^^.
We leave at 6.00 am in Belgium and head to Ronchamp (about 479 km) where we visit a church. If we have no hold-up we should arrive at 1.00-2.00 pm. 
After that we're going to visit the Fondation Beyeler at Basel. (96 km)
And from Basel we go to Chur (214 km) to have our diner and a good night rest.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First try at clayfood!

Last week we had to finish a big project so I thought I deserved some crafting time on Saturday.
I decided to go ahead and make some clay foods that I can use in deco-ing. I used this air drying clay which I found at "Kruidvat" (a little convenience store, not a craft store) for only 1.95€. (which was the main reason I bought it)
I can tell you that if you're a cheapo like me and want to try out making clay things, this clay is alright. But if you want to make more things (read nicer looking things) I'd recommend buying another kind of clay. DAS isn't so handy to work with. It cracks when it dries and it's hard to attach parts of clay to each other.

Here are the things I made, hope you can spot strawberries, icecream, macaroons, chocolate, a waffle, cookies, cupcake bottoms, the 2 things at the back are my throw at a apple core and an apple.

The ones on the left are painted (with acrylic paint), the ones on the right are clay mixed with acrylic paint. You have to use a lot of paint when you're mixing the clay with it, another point why I didn't like this clay so much)

Remember, this is my first try at making clay food thingies.
I can't wait to use them to decorate some things! Yay!
Though I have to wait 'till the 3rd of April 'cauuuuuuuuuuusee we're goooooiiiiiinnnngggg
We (my grade, is that called a grade in college too?) are going to travel to/through Switzerland and Italy from this Saturday (27th of March) 'till the 3rd of April.
I am sooo looking forward to it! On the other hand, I'm totally bummed that we are going to leave at 6.00 am (which is EARLY!) but that means I am going to miss my singing lesson at 13:00. *sigh* Have to make up for it on the trip! ^^

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drama Review: Crows Zero

It's spring! what better than to start spring with a new review! 
Crows Zero

Japanese film

Oguri Shun -> Genji Takiya (Hana Yori Dango, Hana kimi, Tokyo Dogs,...)
Takayuki Yamada -> Serizawa (Waterboys, ...)
Kuroki Meisa -> Ruka Aizawa
Kyôsuke Yabe -> Ken Katagiri
Kenta Kiritani -> Tokio Tatsukawa
Suzunosuke Tanaka -> Chuta
Sousuke Takaoka -> Izaki Shun (Battle Royale, ...)
Goro Kishitani -> Hideo Takiya
Fumaki Motoki -> Rinda Man 

Fighting - School - Power - Who's Boss?!

Based on the manga
In short,  Genji, the son of a Yakuza boss, is entering the Suzuran All-Boys High School as a transferred senior with the goal of conquering the school.
In long, well it's been some time since I saw it but I think the "In short" says it all. It's all about "Who gets to be the ruler of the school"
There's a 2nd movie out, Crows zero II, but I haven't seen it yet. I am planning on though if I can't find anything else to watch (so this will take a while, we'll see)

What do I think?
Overall this is a film for boys with all the fighting going on, so if you like films with romance, lovydovy feelings, than don't bother watching.
However, if you like fights and well, though guys or are a fan of Oguri shun (like me) you should watch this!
In the beginning it's weird to see Shun play the dumb and brutal one,I only saw him play "cool" roles like in Hana Yori Dango (the handsome mystic helpful hottie), Binbo Danshi (the really naive boy),  Detective Conan (the smart and cool detective) and Hana kimi (the cool mystic hottie) 
So I had to get used to this somewhat rough Oguri Shun. But in overall he's fun to watch!
The one that caught my attention between the other actors is Takayuki Yamada. Loved his expressions!
There are some really cool fighting scenes, like a big scene where they are fighting in the rain.
In an interview, I heard they started out filming wearing protection in all the fighting scenes but they just sat in the way so in the end they fought without any protection (except for head punches)

In one sentence
Fight, fight, fight!

Riechan's values:
Music: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10

Happy wappy: 1/10
Fight: 10/10
Blood and Gore: 5/10
Tears: 2/10


Want to see?
Watch it on Drama Crazy or MySoju

Was this review useful to you? Let me know!

Friday, March 19, 2010

You've got mail!

well, actually not you but me!
Last week I got a letter from my penpal from the UK which I send a letter back in October somewhere.
I hate it when life and school get between the things you want to do ha!
Anyway I was very very happy when I got the letter 'cause I was thinking she had forgotten about me completely. I guess not! ^^
Lovely paper she used

Onto another package! On craftster one of the swaps I love to do is that Birthday swap. Birthday girls/boys in that particalur month join and make each other presents. How sweet is that!
I posted my list and got picked 3 times! THREE! I got two packages with very lovely presents from uluru and alwaysinmyroom. But one girl flaked on me :( I was very disappointed since I thought of her as a friend.
MareMare the organizer of the November Birthday swap (jup, this was all in November, my birthday month)
searched an angel for me and soon she had found one. Now, that girl send me 2 packages, after waiting for a month,she got one back in the mail totally crushed and the other one has gone MIA T_T
After that I contacted her but I never got an answer back T_T So the lovely MareMare decided that she could be my angel. Today I got in my mail (well, not really today I think it was on Wednesday but I came home from my dorm today so) a package! And not just a package, oh no, a SUPER package!
The envelope:

And the inside, my first thought: I GOT SOAP!!! and LACE!!!! and FABRIC!!!
I have wanted to try some homemade soap for ever!

Eyelet lace!!! and other lace (don't know how that one's called)
Now I can make a fully lolita skirt! jeej!

I've got handmade soap! I have been craving on this for soooooooooo long! and now I got one. ^^
It has a lovely smell and is called: Oats n Honey, right out of MareMare's etsy shop!

Take a look at this GORGEOUS fabric! I have highlighted some of my fav parts of the pattern.
I think I'm going to make a skirt out of the pink fabric, a paneled skirt with black or white panels.
I LOVE it! ^^

And now the even bestest part of the package, a craft book, GENERATION T!!!!!!!!!!
I have wanted this one ever since I saw a tutorial out of this book on threadbanger! Can't wait to try it!!
Love love love love love love love this!!

Thankyou so much MareMare!!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My dramalist

One of my first posts on this blog has been my dramalist. I didn't like the list thing very much, plus I wanted to organize so I made a website with my dramalist on.:
Here it is: My dramalist
I have yet to find out how to post a link as a titel (so that you can immediately look up what the drama is about)

Oh, as I said a while ago I'm working on a couple of reviews but have yet to finish them. School's been really really in my way. But expect one this weekend! Jeej!
Hope you'll like it :)
See yah!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oreos knockoff + Ti83 gone deco!

This weekend I found some knockoff Oreos in the store, living in Belgium we haven't got those kind of cookies.
If you don't know them, google is your friend.
Here's the box I found, the box and everything is almost the same.

Taste experiment: GOOOOOOOOD!
I never had real Oreos so I don't know if they are better or not but these are yumyum ^^.

Another thing... when I was taking a little break from schoolwork yesterday evening, I saw my calculator lying  lonely and well, not so fresh as it used to be ...

1. a sticker from a manga girl
2. Butterflies (from a sheet of Easter stickers)
3. A shout in Japanese which I never understood (and I never will )
4. A sticker out of a Japanese magazine
5. Hamtaro Hamster sticker!
In the corner you can see my dekogear ready for action!
This is the result. I kept it rather simple so that I wouldn't be stared at by teachers when doing my exams ...

Thanks for reading!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

3/50: Easy DIY earring organizer from a record plate!

I showed my niece my earring holder, she was like "I want one!!!!" but you can make it if you have time ^^. (She's 9 and already thinks of my time with school.)
When her birthday was coming, it was the perfect time to make it!
A while ago I bought a few little records (don't know what they are called, but the little ones) on a flea market and they were perfect for her beginning earring collection.
Yes, I made my earring holder out of a old record !
And you get even a very quick tutorial.

1. grab your Dremel* and put the drill thing on top of it
2. Get your safety glasses and bind a kitchentowel before your mouth
3. Make holes in your plate with the dremel. (make one hole, than try if you get your earring through the hole, if not, get a bigger drill thing)
4. Make 2 bigger holes on top of you plate (so you can put a ribbon through it to hang your holder)
4. Let it cool
5. Embellish it with everything you can find!
6. Admire your work and get searching for your earrings to

*If you don't have a dremel, you can do this by using a heated nail but BE CAREFUL! and open all your windows in the room 'cause unlike working with the dremel, this method causes toxic fumes.

the record is found in my city
the ribbon and lace are from Australia
the cat is drawn from a picture I found at Deviantart
(I forgot to favourite her drawing, but I really want to give her credit so if you know who draw a cat like this, leave it in the comments, I'll look some more on Deviantart)

Better view of the kitten, it's made with a black marker and aquarelpaint. 

And these are a pair of earrings I made, charms used are a key and a locked heart and 2 cherry red pearls.

I gave it to her on Friday on her birthday party and she was very happy ^^. That's what matters. Think I'm going to upgrade mine too...

What do you think?
Here's my list of 50 projects in 2010

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bento of Yesterday

Yesterday I made myself another bentobox 'cause I was staying at school (usually I go back to my dorm to eat, it's just a 7 min walk.)
I even got up early! Ha! other days I get up around 7.45 AM ... now it was 7.15 AM. I'm going to make bento's more often, no problem getting up
I chopped up a carrot and washed my cherry tomatoes. Cut up some sausages and grabbed my deep-frozen rice from the fridge. I filled 2 bottles with sauce, one with cocktail and one with a mixture of soya and ketchup (don't like soya, too ... wel just not for me, but mixed with ketchup it's tasty ^^)
I used sausages just like the last time 'cause I was to lazy to bake some chicken the evening before.

Here she is

For some more information about bento's, here's a link to my previous bentopost

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nails of today

Yesterday I stumbled upon the tutorial of nails-art with the use of painters tape at The Hungry Asian
Today, I decided to just try it!
I have one puncher-thing for paper, it's rather big so couldn't make those cute little designs.
Polishes used are GOSH noire and GOSH Pink Lady.
I first applied one coat of Pink, let it dry and stuck my punched things on there. Than I applied a black coat.
Let it dry and finished!
Works in progress shot, you can see the punch thing on the left.

Thumbs up!

Shot in the beautiful wintersun!
You can't see the design really well though.

a close-up of my thumb, here you can see the flower.

It does need some practice... and a smaller punch thing. Next time I'll cut some things myself ;)
Let me know what you think!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Craft supplies

After going to a building to analyse it, my mum and I went for a quick shopping in our city.

In the Zeeman I found gem-like stones, iron-ons and Hello Kitty stickers.
Oooh! If someone would like to trade some of these things, I can buy you some too.
But I'll post another post about that.

Then in the Wibra, I bought some kitchensupplies, you see an apple core remove thingie, a pizzaslice thingie, 2 grates (?) for apples and carrots, 2 euh... things wisks (thanks pickledpandas ^^) and a brush for buttering and stuff.

When we were looking for a helmet (I need one 'cause I have to visit buildings in construction and need protection) I took my chance and bought silicone!! Now I can't wait to try it out to use in deco.

And some time ago I went to the Action I think it's similar to Walmart.
There were some very cute things, I bought Stickers, butterflies, little fabric roses (which I used to decorate my first-aid kit), confetti type thing, sead beads in little glass containers and glitter (!!).

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