Bento of Yesterday

Yesterday I made myself another bentobox 'cause I was staying at school (usually I go back to my dorm to eat, it's just a 7 min walk.)
I even got up early! Ha! other days I get up around 7.45 AM ... now it was 7.15 AM. I'm going to make bento's more often, no problem getting up
I chopped up a carrot and washed my cherry tomatoes. Cut up some sausages and grabbed my deep-frozen rice from the fridge. I filled 2 bottles with sauce, one with cocktail and one with a mixture of soya and ketchup (don't like soya, too ... wel just not for me, but mixed with ketchup it's tasty ^^)
I used sausages just like the last time 'cause I was to lazy to bake some chicken the evening before.

Here she is

For some more information about bento's, here's a link to my previous bentopost

Mood: Cooking
Location: At my dorm
Music: Black Lagoon - Don't look behind


  1. waaa, it looks so yummy!!!!
    me wanna me wanna me wanna!!!!

  2. Looks very functional! Just little touch of green is all it needs.


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