You've got mail!

well, actually not you but me!
Last week I got a letter from my penpal from the UK which I send a letter back in October somewhere.
I hate it when life and school get between the things you want to do ha!
Anyway I was very very happy when I got the letter 'cause I was thinking she had forgotten about me completely. I guess not! ^^
Lovely paper she used

Onto another package! On craftster one of the swaps I love to do is that Birthday swap. Birthday girls/boys in that particalur month join and make each other presents. How sweet is that!
I posted my list and got picked 3 times! THREE! I got two packages with very lovely presents from uluru and alwaysinmyroom. But one girl flaked on me :( I was very disappointed since I thought of her as a friend.
MareMare the organizer of the November Birthday swap (jup, this was all in November, my birthday month)
searched an angel for me and soon she had found one. Now, that girl send me 2 packages, after waiting for a month,she got one back in the mail totally crushed and the other one has gone MIA T_T
After that I contacted her but I never got an answer back T_T So the lovely MareMare decided that she could be my angel. Today I got in my mail (well, not really today I think it was on Wednesday but I came home from my dorm today so) a package! And not just a package, oh no, a SUPER package!
The envelope:

And the inside, my first thought: I GOT SOAP!!! and LACE!!!! and FABRIC!!!
I have wanted to try some homemade soap for ever!

Eyelet lace!!! and other lace (don't know how that one's called)
Now I can make a fully lolita skirt! jeej!

I've got handmade soap! I have been craving on this for soooooooooo long! and now I got one. ^^
It has a lovely smell and is called: Oats n Honey, right out of MareMare's etsy shop!

Take a look at this GORGEOUS fabric! I have highlighted some of my fav parts of the pattern.
I think I'm going to make a skirt out of the pink fabric, a paneled skirt with black or white panels.
I LOVE it! ^^

And now the even bestest part of the package, a craft book, GENERATION T!!!!!!!!!!
I have wanted this one ever since I saw a tutorial out of this book on threadbanger! Can't wait to try it!!
Love love love love love love love this!!

Thankyou so much MareMare!!

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  1. aren't penpals fun? i love the fabric you got, and that generation t book is a good one.

  2. That's why I love penpals! :3 Quite frankly, I need to start that shiz up again.

    -_- I just talk to my old penpal on facebook now.


  3. Wow! So awesome! I have both Gen T books, they are so inspiring!! I love EVERYTHING you got <3 I am so spoiled on homemade soap, I tried it once and never want to go back to Ivory!

  4. aren't penpals fun? i love the fabric you got, and that generation t book is a good one.


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