Craft supplies

After going to a building to analyse it, my mum and I went for a quick shopping in our city.

In the Zeeman I found gem-like stones, iron-ons and Hello Kitty stickers.
Oooh! If someone would like to trade some of these things, I can buy you some too.
But I'll post another post about that.

Then in the Wibra, I bought some kitchensupplies, you see an apple core remove thingie, a pizzaslice thingie, 2 grates (?) for apples and carrots, 2 euh... things wisks (thanks pickledpandas ^^) and a brush for buttering and stuff.

When we were looking for a helmet (I need one 'cause I have to visit buildings in construction and need protection) I took my chance and bought silicone!! Now I can't wait to try it out to use in deco.

And some time ago I went to the Action I think it's similar to Walmart.
There were some very cute things, I bought Stickers, butterflies, little fabric roses (which I used to decorate my first-aid kit), confetti type thing, sead beads in little glass containers and glitter (!!).

Mood: very very very hard working on finishing something
Location: at home
Music: Wicked ~ No one mourns the Wicked


  1. Those transfers look awesome! I dont think they sell those here :(

  2. I am going to put up a list of things I am going to sell, they will be in that list ;)

  3. those "things" are called whisks :D

    Everything looks sooo kawaii!!! Lucky you ;)


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