Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Japanese type goodies Part 2

 Remember the post about all the Japanese goodies on my dorm?
here's Part 2! Be warned, lot's of pics!

The Japanese books at my dorm, from left to right: JAPAN (traveller, national geographic, english), Furuba (Fruits basket, Japanese), Paradise kiss (French), Fool's gold (English), Pettitte Cossette 1 and 2 (English), Japanese to English dictionary (I was so stupid not to buy the other copy, Eng -> Jap)
One is not pictured and that is my very new Japanese basic cookbook I got for my birthday.


 Fruits basket magnets!!!!! I got them in a swap on
 Never mind the "who did it?" arrows (my friend was looking for the killer of momiji, putting arrows to her so called boyfriends and stuff... the women sign is added after I said that momiji is actually a GUY!!... she was like, NOT anymore!)

Here are my kanzashi hairpins I'm so happy with,
The red one I got through a swap at, this one is completely handsewn.
The beige one is my first attempt (and failure), I used hot glue which burned my fingers ...
The grey/black one is my 2nd attempt and it find it a lot better than my first one (don't you?)
I used rice glue to attach the petals to the base, the glue also stiffened the fabric.

Now onto my posters, I'll go from the oldest to the newest.
This one, I got from the brother of my ex-boyfriend. He didn't want it anymore, and I thought, why not...
I don't know from which anime the boy and girl are (if you know, tell me)

Next one is from Digi Charat, I never saw the anime but I like the art and the cuteness.
Bought in 'De Max' in Leuven.

This fairy poster, I bought at Funiversum (a very small anime convention in Belgium)

Death note !!!! Yes the thing on the right is creepy, no I don't get nightmares  (I'll show you another time why not ^~ )
I loved the manga more than the anime. Haven't finished both of them yet.

From the anime DN angel, got it with a Aniway (a Dutch magazine about anime, manga, ...) 

 Chobits, I love her clothes (never seen the anime though)

Next up, a drawing I made from a lovely picture I found online. A geisha wearing an umbrella.

A little dragon from the same artist of the little fairy poster.

And last but not least, my wall of Japanese! tam tam tam taaaaaaaaaam
From top to bottom: kanji for up-down-left-right, Hiragana sheet and days of the week sheet.
That was that, for the ones still following, thanks!
Let me know what you think with a comment below (I LOVE comments!)
'Till next time!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Wishlist (for personal swapping or gifts ^^)

Got the idea from pickledpandas where she posted a list up for trade. I decided to do the same (Mine is a little bitsy longer...)
For more things I like, you can check out my wist here or take a look at the moving box on the right. (It's long, you're warned)



- Steampunk jewellry (I would love a ring or pendant)
- Kokeshi doll or momiji doll pendant like this or this

- spoon / fork pendant or bracelet like these
- chunky bracelet in the colours hot pink/red/black or see my wist...
- a ring with a kanzashi flower on top
- A jewellery holder for my necklaces, bracelets and rings.

- a kanzashi hair piece, examples on my wist


- a stencilled Tshirt with one of my fav anime characters.
- a stencilled Tshirt with one of my fav quotes: Flowers in full bloom do not last forever
- a corset like this
- Cloth pads + a pouch to hold them.
- Bloomers: white
- A petticoat (not the linedancing ones, but the less fluffier, more Lolita ones.): white or black
- Knitted/crochet armwarmers with a cute little bow
- Lunascarf : black
- obi belt like this


- homemade soaps: Peaches, Chocolate, Watermelon, Green Apple, Strawberry, Liquorice?, creative scents
  (I am always surprised what soap makers can get their soaps to smell like ) (no eucalyptus or mint
- A purse made from manga papers like this
- magic ball of yarn
- Threadcatcher
- A Laptop cozy
- A Lolita or Victorian dressed poppet: with a normal skin colour and hot pink/purple/black hair
- quilt (this one doesn't have to be big.)
- gems, rhinestones, pearls ... to decorate stuff, Think lolita, hime style

Anything related to

- help me study my japanese like flashcards (with images), ...
- architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright,...
- Anime/Manga: SKIP Beat, Nodame Cantabile, Gravitation, Detective Conan, Snow Fairy Sugar, FMA, Death Note, ...
- Japanese drama: Hana yori dango, Hana kimi, Nodame cantabile, You're Beautiful, Tada Kimi wo aishiteru, ...
- Lolita (mostly clothing and accessoires)
- Harry potter: Harry, Sneep (potions), Ron, Hermione (see my wist for some ideas)
- Disney: I love Mulan, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Anastacia,...
- my fav Japanese actors: Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun

Craft Supplies 

- (dark) red, black, white lace (white = preferable eyelet lace)
- FABRIC : Japanese/nice prints/cute
- Patterns skirts, dresses and shirts
- Drawing supplies: pens, pencils,a white aquarelpaint tube …
- Book: 99 ways to cut, trim and wear your Tshirt !!!
- glue that I can use to stick my plastic stencils to shirts without leaving a white stain ..., 

  something like 3M Craft glue) (can't find it around here)
- Glue: epoxyglue and E6000
- Jewellery findings: Ring bases, bead caps, closings, glue-on silver bails ...
- freezer paper (can't find it anywhere in Belgium)
- fabric paint: blue-green, green, yellow, white (no black)
- diamond glaze
- Glossy Accents
- feathers
- different gauges and colours of wire (I only have 24 gauge silver which is almost gone)
- Craft books on Amazon


- A stamp carving kit (starter)
- A resin kit (starter) (I have never seen resin around here in the craftstore)
- A soap making kit (starter) I would love to try this and experiment with all kinds of scents and colours!


- candy that's typical for your country/area.
- Gothic Lolita bible, preferably in english (you can't get them in Belgium T_T)
- my favourite drink is chocolate milk, so hot chocolate mix would be really nice.
- Manga/Japanese learning books on Amazon
- maybe as a little extra, something typical of your country? (I have started a collection with little stuff)
- bento goodies examples

- cute stationary like this

If you want to swap with me, you must have either a blog, a membership of craftster or an account on facebook. This is to avoid being flaked on ... (e.g. I send something, but I don't get a package back and the other person is out of tough.)
I will be posting things I can make :)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tutorial found : How To Make Braided Headband

I stumbled upon this very cute braided headband and hipgirl was so kind to even include a really clear tutorial. Be sure to check it out and try it! I know I will.
Tutorial--How To Make Braided Headband (Woven Headband) Instructions - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anime painting (Picture galore)

This painting was made for the OWS 48 swap.
(somewhere in July ... but I still wanted to show it ^^)
Kitschkween (the receiver) loved different kind of anime and since I love anime too and I love to draw/paint I decidid rather quick to make her a painting.
Some of the anime she loved were Sailor moon (her favourite), Rozen Maiden, Love Hina, ...
her daughter also liked Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and pokemon

first finished work:

+ link to bigger picture:

So at first, looking for pictures.
Than drawing them with pencil
(Sailor moon)

Than going over the pencil with black pens (+ still adding pictures, I love doing lot's of different things at once)
(Sailor moon)
(Sailor moon)

global picture
added pictures: Nekokoneko and barasuishou (Rozen Maiden)

added pictures: Pikachu (pokemon), Suigintou (Rozen Maiden), Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

First colouring I did was all the yellow (so mostly hair) in gouache.
Than starting to paint the background with aquarel.

Plus the animecharacters too.

This was my first intention: background in aquaral, people in acrylpaint or pencil. But I thought aquarel would look good too so Smiley
Everything except for the yellow hair and pikachu (pencil) is aquarel

(I had to cut it into pieces 'cause I couldn't get it in the package)

love Hina

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) I am really proud of the colours of her dress
I started with lighter blue on all of the dress, than darker blue on the darker spots, than even darker blue and than black.

the right site:

Mermaid Melody ...

Sailor Moon

sorry for the big amount of pictures but I just wanted to show all the aspects and the way I made it Smiley
Let me know what you think !

Just in case you don't know yet but every picture I post is copyrighted by me!
I should label them sometime ...

Monday, February 22, 2010

My bentobox

I wanted to show you guys my very own bentobox! I got it through a swap on craftster ( and used it 2 times. Yes, only 2 times! *big shame on me* But since I go home (to my dorm) to eat at lunchtime I don't need a lunchbox, therefor no bentobox :( 
At first I thought (and my swapper thought so too) that this must be a kidsize. But after looking at more information about bento, I found out this is really a womensize container. It can contain 600 ml and that's what a women needs!
Anyway, She not only gave me a bentobox but also cute little goodies to help me pack my lunch. 

Here they are. 
First up, my bentobox. It's Pink! With the rabbitstrap. The box is from the brand: Pink Balloon
(ooh and that's my agenda in the back, decoupaged it with manga images and aquarel, I'll show it better next time)


With the blue flower strap


Bottles to put sauce in, cute ne? 


A little cupcake holder:


And last but not least, food dividers (to give everything a place in my bentobox, so when I open it, it won't look like a hurricane past by...)


Oh and my chopsticks, these are the ones I have at my dorm The red ones are my favourite (bought them in a japanese shop in Düsseldorf, Germany) The beige ones (with the flowers) are good for noodles And the other ones I only use if the others are dirty :D

Useful links about Bento:
Cute cooking
Bento Corner
For Bento enthusiasts and newbies

obento (Japanese)
Lunch in a box: very good site with lot's of information for beginners and advanced
Just Bento : very good site with lot's of information for beginners and advanced.
Just Hungry: lot's of recipes

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easy cooking: One pan dish with potatoes

I don't like potatoes... Boiled potatoes that is. I love them fried, baked, mashed, oven-served, but boiled... yuck. This is something I have made a couple of times now,using baked potatoes and some leftovers. It doesn't get any easier. Also, I LOVE 1 pot cooking... which means less dishes but it just feels cosier :D So here's my recipe for this one pan dish (I have to think up a name for this dish :D if anyone has ideas, please tell me ;) )


- potatoes (already cooked ones or the packages you can buy in the supermarket which say, ready to bake)
- Meat: chicken (sliced in pieces), ground meat (pork or beef, your choice), ...
- 1 onion, chopped
- a bit of cheese (sliced in to very little pieces)
- milk or water
- 1 - 3 tablespoons of flour
- Mushrooms
- left-over vegetables: broccoli, carrots, green beans, ...
(if you don't have onions or mushrooms, you can add what you like) 

How to
- Bake your meat in a frying pan.
- Fry the onion a bit in another frying pan than the meat.
- Toss your potatoes with your chopped onion.
- if your meat is ready, put it in the frying pan with the potatoes and onions.
- Add the mushrooms
- While this is baking, Add the cheese, Don't forget to stir 'cause the cheese burns easy.
- Take a little cup, mix the tablespoon of flour with a little more than a bottom of water or milk
- Throw this in the frying pan and stir. You'll get some sort of sauce, (if you would like more sauce, keep adding another mixture of milk/water and flour
- Have a happy meal! (lol, this was not the intention to quote McDonalds... I don't like the food there... if you can speak of food...)


With chicken:


With ground meat:

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My nails of today

I did my nails today with the stampy set I bought yesterday
without flash, you can't see the stamps on my nails that well.

with flash:

Oh I also found a funny site through a blog called The one about Inori
It translates a sentence in English into Japanese and back into English and so forth.
This is what I got:

The little bunny has a fly on his nose.
We fly on the nose of his small rabbit.
We go to him on the nose of a small rabbit.
We will go to him on the nose of a small rabbit.
If you want to try it, just click 

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Nail art: stampy set

Ever heard of Konad? It's a stamp set where you apply nail polish on an image plate and transfer the design onto your nail. I first heard of it attending a craft fair in the neighbourhood but it was too expensive for me.
This morning I found an imitation product and decided to by and try it.

When I opened the package this was inside, a scraper, an image plate and a stampthing

When I was working with it, I noticed the scraper scratched the image plate when I wanted to scrape away the nail polish, so I sanded it a bit. Now it works just fine.
It needs some practice to get the design fully on your stampthing. I'm going to look out for more thicker nail polish, otherwise it's hard to transfer the design onto your nail.
After practicing with it, this is my result:
only the black and white ones aren't crooked. Have to practice some more!

Want to know more about the real thing? watch this short clip

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/50 First time glass etching

Yesterday I went to my friends in Leuven and stayed over night. We were planning to do karaoke but the weather was so bad, we didn't feel like going out T_T. Due to the snow, there was a record of traffic hold-ups.  I wanted to do karaoke!! Oh well, that's for next time.
Now today I went shopping with my friend, Tine in Leuven and I bought some earrings on sale, plus a very cute ring.

a better view of the ring (I <3 bows)

And later when I came home after taking the train and bus, I wanted to craft something very badly!
So I etched a glass I bought at the thrift store. It's going to be a glas featuring my little comic: De Piepkes
Work in progress:

Finished glass modeled with Ice Tea <3
I only did 3 sides 'cause the Johnny Walker sign was on the fourth side.

What do you think? 
Here's the tutorial I used:

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