1/50: Decorate my first-aid kit

Yesterday evening was a productive evening ^^. I tried out my new modeling paste (see previous poste)
Offcourse I forgot all of the things I wanted to decorate at my dorm ... except for my little first-aid kit.
This is how it looked like, a bit boring ...

And this is how it looks now
I used pearls, little roses (fabric), a maple leave and some other things.

It's still has to dry... it takes 2 weeks to fully dry. (ETA: I think it's fully dried now, after 3 days, but I'll wait for some more days to actually carry it in my purse)
What do you think? I like it for my first time ^^

I also made 2 pair of earrings, a pair of buttons and a pair of red roses. And I cleaned up my box of craft stuff.

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