Nail art: stampy set

Ever heard of Konad? It's a stamp set where you apply nail polish on an image plate and transfer the design onto your nail. I first heard of it attending a craft fair in the neighbourhood but it was too expensive for me.
This morning I found an imitation product and decided to by and try it.

When I opened the package this was inside, a scraper, an image plate and a stampthing

When I was working with it, I noticed the scraper scratched the image plate when I wanted to scrape away the nail polish, so I sanded it a bit. Now it works just fine.
It needs some practice to get the design fully on your stampthing. I'm going to look out for more thicker nail polish, otherwise it's hard to transfer the design onto your nail.
After practicing with it, this is my result:
only the black and white ones aren't crooked. Have to practice some more!

Want to know more about the real thing? watch this short clip

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  1. Oo I have never heard of this kind of thing before! I think it looks really neat!

  2. hi ! :)

    So i saw you leave a comment on my lj-decoden

    You can get the mirror at Beauty Credit. Its a korean beauty store and sometimes they'll have it.

    Or you can purchase one from me if you would like :) easy payment with paypal and I'll send you it for free shipping.

    its $7! thanks

  3. Hey, I love Konad, it's awesome! I have not tried the fake ones, but heard that the real stuff is much better. I DO love the real stuff.

    I just wanted to let you know that you can get it fairly cheap at They give free shipping over $20, but if it's under, it is still pretty cheap.

    PLUS, I have a deal with them, that my blog readers get 30% off the whole order if they use the code "msfrowne" :))

    If you are interested in reading my blog and/or find out more about my experience with the site, you are welcome to visit me:

    Hope you'll enjoy Konad as much as I do~


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