Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Wishlist (for personal swapping or gifts ^^)

Got the idea from pickledpandas where she posted a list up for trade. I decided to do the same (Mine is a little bitsy longer...)
For more things I like, you can check out my wist here or take a look at the moving box on the right. (It's long, you're warned)



- Steampunk jewellry (I would love a ring or pendant)
- Kokeshi doll or momiji doll pendant like this or this

- spoon / fork pendant or bracelet like these
- chunky bracelet in the colours hot pink/red/black or see my wist...
- a ring with a kanzashi flower on top
- A jewellery holder for my necklaces, bracelets and rings.

- a kanzashi hair piece, examples on my wist


- a stencilled Tshirt with one of my fav anime characters.
- a stencilled Tshirt with one of my fav quotes: Flowers in full bloom do not last forever
- a corset like this
- Cloth pads + a pouch to hold them.
- Bloomers: white
- A petticoat (not the linedancing ones, but the less fluffier, more Lolita ones.): white or black
- Knitted/crochet armwarmers with a cute little bow
- Lunascarf : black
- obi belt like this


- homemade soaps: Peaches, Chocolate, Watermelon, Green Apple, Strawberry, Liquorice?, creative scents
  (I am always surprised what soap makers can get their soaps to smell like ) (no eucalyptus or mint
- A purse made from manga papers like this
- magic ball of yarn
- Threadcatcher
- A Laptop cozy
- A Lolita or Victorian dressed poppet: with a normal skin colour and hot pink/purple/black hair
- quilt (this one doesn't have to be big.)
- gems, rhinestones, pearls ... to decorate stuff, Think lolita, hime style

Anything related to

- help me study my japanese like flashcards (with images), ...
- architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright,...
- Anime/Manga: SKIP Beat, Nodame Cantabile, Gravitation, Detective Conan, Snow Fairy Sugar, FMA, Death Note, ...
- Japanese drama: Hana yori dango, Hana kimi, Nodame cantabile, You're Beautiful, Tada Kimi wo aishiteru, ...
- Lolita (mostly clothing and accessoires)
- Harry potter: Harry, Sneep (potions), Ron, Hermione (see my wist for some ideas)
- Disney: I love Mulan, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Anastacia,...
- my fav Japanese actors: Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun

Craft Supplies 

- (dark) red, black, white lace (white = preferable eyelet lace)
- FABRIC : Japanese/nice prints/cute
- Patterns skirts, dresses and shirts
- Drawing supplies: pens, pencils,a white aquarelpaint tube …
- Book: 99 ways to cut, trim and wear your Tshirt !!!
- glue that I can use to stick my plastic stencils to shirts without leaving a white stain ..., 

  something like 3M Craft glue) (can't find it around here)
- Glue: epoxyglue and E6000
- Jewellery findings: Ring bases, bead caps, closings, glue-on silver bails ...
- freezer paper (can't find it anywhere in Belgium)
- fabric paint: blue-green, green, yellow, white (no black)
- diamond glaze
- Glossy Accents
- feathers
- different gauges and colours of wire (I only have 24 gauge silver which is almost gone)
- Craft books on Amazon


- A stamp carving kit (starter)
- A resin kit (starter) (I have never seen resin around here in the craftstore)
- A soap making kit (starter) I would love to try this and experiment with all kinds of scents and colours!


- candy that's typical for your country/area.
- Gothic Lolita bible, preferably in english (you can't get them in Belgium T_T)
- my favourite drink is chocolate milk, so hot chocolate mix would be really nice.
- Manga/Japanese learning books on Amazon
- maybe as a little extra, something typical of your country? (I have started a collection with little stuff)
- bento goodies examples

- cute stationary like this

If you want to swap with me, you must have either a blog, a membership of craftster or an account on facebook. This is to avoid being flaked on ... (e.g. I send something, but I don't get a package back and the other person is out of tough.)
I will be posting things I can make :)

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Location: at my dorm
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hikaria said...

Hey Riechan, i'd love to swap with you when I come back! Obviously I can only provide deco items though haha.

Jolene said...

I can send you handmade soap! - inoriz

Riechan said...

ooh that would be cool!
Although not for just yet ...
I have lot's of work for school and another personal swap I'm still working on. But maybe for somewhere in July?

hikaria said...

Hey Riechan, i'd love to swap with you when I come back! Obviously I can only provide deco items though haha.

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