Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy cooking: A forgotten dessert...

When you're craving for a dessert but you don't want to add on your sugars and pounds.
Grab that pot of light yoghurt, an apple, grapes, pear, nectarine, banana, any fruit you like really ...
wash, cut them up and add to your yoghurt. If you don't like the taste of unsweetened yoghurt, just add honey. yay for healthy sugars. To give mine a crunchy and playful touch I added little bear cookies, aren't they cute ^^.
And there you have it, a quick and yum dessert!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today a quick post about handmade books I made ^^ Hope you like them!
My first handbound book made with this tutorial, I used fabric for the outside which was a little tricky but it looks good doesn't it? The bookmark is black/grey ribbon. This one was made for a swap.

And my second one, also made for a swap. This time I used paper for the cover but it was really thin paper so instead of smearing glue all over the cardboard for the cover, I used double side tape. It worked good ^^
I also crocheted the bookmark.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

10/50 Make paper beads

I am a real hoarder ... I keep everything... old pens, old clothing, bottle caps, ... 'cause I think (and know) I could do something with it in the future! Which leads to another thing I love, recycling!
Today I have a tutorial for you to reuse all those old magazines, newspaper, advertisement papers and change them into beads! Jup, paper beads ^^

First up, you'll need
- old paper
- wall paper paste
- a kettle
- water
- sand paper
- a drill
- paint, magazine clippings, anything you need to decorate them

Might warn you now, this is going to be messy!
Start by ripping your paper into little shreds and pieces, the smaller, the better
Put them in your kettle and pour water over them 'till there 1 thumb under water.
Set your fire on low heat (1 or 2) and leave it for an hour. Be sure to stir it once in a while.
While this is cooking, you can prepare your glue, just follow the directions on the package.
You'll get a big paper mess like below on the picture.

Take your kettle of the fire and start making little balls. While you're doing this, try and get as much water out of the paper as possible. Take a gulb of glue and smear it on the ball.
My method is take paper, squeeze the water out of it, take glue and start forming a ball. Continue 'till you have no paper left.

Let them sit somewhere to dry, preferably a warm place. This can take quite a while, from 1 day 'till 5 days, depending on how big the beads are.
When they are dry, use the sand paper to smoothen the rough edges.
Now we're going to make holes in them, use a pliers or something to hold your beads. I don't recommend using your fingers 'cause just one misplacement with the drill and you have a hole in your finger... always be careful! 
The advantage of making a hole in them before painting is that now you can place them on a stick and paint them without holding them. Place the sticks in a piece of  foam and let them dry.
And done! 
Now if you want to cover them with magazine clippings or mangadrawings, cut them in little stripes.
Grab your craft glue or your left-over wall paper glue and start pasting the images on the beads.
If you're going with this method, drill the holes after you've stuck your images on the beads 'cause you'll cover them up and don't find them anymore...
Than use them as regular beads and 
tada, you have for example a bracelet

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photograph Friday

A cute car, also shot in Tongeren like the photograph last week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want!

When looking though the Bodyline shop online I came across this whole set and thought it was very cute ^^
scourse: Bodyline

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 questions on your blog part 2

Today, the questions from MrsWhiffin.
  1. Your stuck on a desert island, but thankfully you pre-packed :) You are allowed one book, one cd and one dvd. What would they be and why?
    Hopefully I'll be also stuck with all the equipment to play them :D
    For the cd I'd choose a compilation cd from Bart Peeters, a Belgian singer who writes songs in Dutch. I really like all of his songs, he plays a lot with his words and almost all of the songs have something really pure and valuable. He's my favourite artist.
    The book would be Wicked, I love the musical and I recently bought the Dutch version of the book but I can't find to read it properly so I think I'm lost in there I have the time :D
    And the dvd, ... that's a hard one,  I like films that are complicated and where you have to see them twice or trice (is that a word?) or more, to see everything so maybe a new film like that. I don't know ...
  2. Your Hero is coming around for dinner. Who would that be and what would you cook?
    oh boy... my hero... I don't have someone who I look up to and want to be like him/her... Some bloggers (like Sari Mari, Violet Le Beaux, Tiff, Than Thao) are little heroes to me, they inspire me to try new things and dress new ways and stuff ... I think I'd make my pasta carbonara with homemade bread :)
  3. Where is the best place that you visited?
    I really like Paris although I only visited it with school but I'd love to visit it again on my own to wonder around the streets and visit cute looking shops. I have done almost every grand museum there twice..., I know there's still lot's to see but at those trips we didn't get the time to do everything on our own pace.
  4. What is your theme song and why?
    hmmm... one of my favourite songs all time is
    Odoro yo from Tamaki Hiroshi in Japanese but there's also a English version of the song. Odoro yo literally means Let's dance. I really like the lyrics of this song. I'll just post the lyrics:
    lift a light up, keep on searching
    believe in forever, dance into tomorrow
    and if you hear the call, you might change it all
    no matter what you do, you'll never fall

    everyone is drifting, any way the wind will blow
    try and go your own way
    there's so many ways that we can go
    nothing complicated, it's the simple things we need
    see the signs read between the lines
    just trust in what you feel

    and tomorrow, keep on searching
    keep making the journey, be there with a smile
    believe in what you feel, you're one of kind
    and that's the most important thing you'll find

    everyone is talking, all the time we carry on
    everyone's is different
    in so many ways we'll never know
    try to keep the one thing
    that will tell us who we are
    it's a dream but it can be done
    now we have come this far

    lift a light up, keep on searching
    we'll make it together, dance into tomorrow
    believe in what you see, it's there in your heart
    and that's the most important place to start

    lift a light up, keep on searching
    believe in forever, dance into tomorrow
    and if you hear the call, you might change it all
    no matter what you do, you'll never fall

    lift a light up, on your journey
    look out to the future, dance into tomorrow
    there's something there for all, it's never too far
    don't ever stop, believe in who you are

    lift a light up, keep on searching
    believe in forever, dance into tomorrow
    and if you hear the call, you might change it all
    no matter what you do, you'll never fall

    and tomorrow, keep on searching
    keep making the journey, be there with a smile
    believe in what you feel, you're one of kind
    and that's the most important thing you'll find

  5. Where would you like to be in five years time?
    in 5 years I would be ending my internship which lasted 2 years so I think hoping on a place at an architect-bureau somewhere where it's nice to work and good company :) I hope I'm still singing and maybe in a musicalcompany, that would be a little dream of mine ^^
such difficult questions! Hope you like my answers ^^
This has been a fun swap!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 questions on your blog part 1

After lot's of swaps on craftster, I stumbled upon the website Swap-bot, a site dedicated to swapping with fellow craftster. I love that they also have email swaps which are great to know more people and cheap for your wallet ^^

I'm now in the 5 question on your blog swap, in which we have to answer, you're right, 5 questions asked by each of our partners.
Today are my answers to the 5 questions of Craftymom85.

  1. What is your favorite craft and why?I really like all kinds of crafting, so this is really hard... I think paint and drawing, although I don't do it that often anymore... I just love working with paint and pencils :).
  2. What do you collect, and why?
    When I was 12 I used to collect stamps, now I'm trying to collect all sorts of things from around the world. Mainly items that are specific for your area of your country. I have a kokeshi doll from Japan, a clump from Holland and some other things, it's still a really small collection ... . And I also collect postcards ^^.
  3. If you had to choose one place to vacation to, where would it be and why?
    I would love LOVE! to visit Japan one day, for it's architecture, it's culture and shopping :D I just have a fascination for Japan... I'd love to visit Kyoto to see all the traditional architecture there, I dedicated a part of my paper for school about it.
  4. What do you do to relax after a stressful day?
    aaah stressful days, I sure know them... If I have a stressful day (in architecture it's mostly stress for a week or more) I will first sleep 'cause stress for jury's and all will bring sleepless nights full of work. After that, I'll get after my pc and watch a movie. Or if I'm really down, watch a program made by Arashi (a japanese boysband) their programs are really funny and joyfull, they always make me laugh so it's a real boost to end a stressful day.
  5. What is your time of year and why?
    hmmm, I like spring, watching nature grow out of it's wintersleep and hearing birds again in the morning. But the time I really come alive is when summer vacation starts, 'cause that's for me the time that I can start crafting again and I love that! 
Tomorrow follows part 2 ^^

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photograph Not so much Friday anymore

whoops :)
I had a rather busy Friday + weekend so I'm a bit late *cough* with posting my Photograph Friday,
hope you still enjoy it.

I took this picture when visited Tongeren, the oldest city in Belgium. I really like these types of buildings and the clouds look wonderful behind this corner of the courthouse.

Friday, September 17, 2010

All about deco!

I'm making a website and blog all about Deco-den and I'm looking for people who love to help me.
The thought is to make this website/blog a place where everyone can go to with questions about materials, links to tutorials all around the net.
It should be a site by for deco-ders
I'm looking for people who (not all of this in one person though)
- love decoing
- want to search the net for tutorials or make tutorials there selves
- want to write pages about deco
- can work with blogger or with google-sites (this isn't that necessery 'cause you can just email your information to everyone)
- can make a lay-out
- ...
If anyone wants to help, leave me a comment ^^
Be sure to check them out, they are still in their beginning fase but I hope we can make it a good site together!
All about deco-blog
All about deco-website

Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/50 Lolita crown

I finally finished my lolita crown! yay ^^ It has been lying unfinished on my dorm for 2 years now ...
Found this tutorial on craftster and it was really quick (I can't say quick 'cause it took me 2 years, lol) and easy, all you need are pearls, elastic and wire.
The result

and on me, I felt like doodling on the picture so ^^...

I have no idea when I am going to wear something like this, maybe just on days when I'd like to feel like a princess ^^. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whistle down the wind part 2

 Sorry! I actually promised this post on Sunday but I have been working and cleaning in our house. Our bedroom ('cause we only have 2 bedrooms, me and my mum sleep together) was a complete mess so I took that task on me and started working on it! Almost done!

On Saturday, I talked about the place we were staying and such, today I'm going to talk about the musical itself.
First up, the story.
It begins in 1959, in a small farmer town in America. At that time almost every American was very religious, they had a strong believe that Jesus would come back one day* A murderer is on the loose and hides himself in a barn. When a girl enters the barn, the man awakens with a startle, when she asks who he is, he can only say: Jesus Christ before he faints. A mistake is made and now all the children believe the man is Jesus Christ Superstar.
It's actually a battle between the grown-ups who want to catch the murderer and the children who want to protect their 'Jesus'.
(if you want to read it all I recommend reading here )

I think most of you don't know this musical but I think almost all of you remember this song, performed by Boyzone.

That's a song from the musical. Love the song ^^. 

This is the barn where we were rehearsing almost everyday. Most singing lessons were inside with the piano but the staging and dancing were practised here.

Installing the light bridge, when all the lights were on, it turned into a barn disco :D
You can also see the seets in this picture, made from bales of straw. 

I drew a quick sketch from our decor, on the left a trailer, in the middle screens for projections and openings for us to enter the stage and on the right the barn in the play. When you put straw and kids together you get lot's and lot's of straw everywhere and lot's of dust too... which wasn't that good for me since I'm allergic to dust but it was okay. 

Like I said above, the grown-ups were the bad ones in this musical so almost all of our songs were intense and full of anger which was fun to do ^^. We got to play the angry mob! haha :D You know it's really hard to put on an angry face if you're rehearsing and you are having fun :D.
At the end of the musical 'the man' lits the barn on fire so we were going to do that too.
They made a barn out of wood and something to make the fire grow fast. We put up lot's of buckets filled with water and sand and 2 garden hoses to put the fire out. Our plan was, scare the children away, lit the barn on fire, scream FIRE!! and then everyone would grab those buckets and extinguish the fire. 
When the premier came and this scene took place, all went well 'till the man lit his match, threw it on the ground and the fire started... we waited ... the flame went only 20 cm high. I didn't know if we should wait longer so I yelled FIRE!!!! It only took 1 bucket to put it out. One... we were all expecting a big fire so when we saw that little fire, we all started laughing XD So what should have been an exciting scene turned out to be quite the difference.

On the day of the premier it was time to change into our farmers outfits.
This is me in mine. A black skirt and an apron from my grandma, a red shirt from the girlfriend of my nephew and a bow I made using lace from my grandma and a tutorial on cutoutandkeep. Don't worry the purple scarf was only 'cause it was coooold! didn't wear that in the musical :D

Some of us had trouble keeping it all together XD

The man and the serpent-priestess needed tattoos and I like to draw sooo I made tattoos ^^
Actually I made The Man his tattoo first (after something he found on the internet) and than drew the snake on the priestess her hand. I love drawing on people ^^. 
The tattoo on the man actually ruined his sheets the night after the musical. Nice souvenir, teehee ^^

I had so much fun that entire week!
On the 26th of September there will be a reunion and I really really hope I can be there! 
(They asked me if I could paint the children's faces, never done that before but it seems like fun!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whistle down the wind part 1

I'm dividing this post 'cause it seems I have a lot to say about it :D
So from the 21tf 'till the 28th of August, I went away on a musical-camp.
A friend of mine from my dormitory knew someone who was planning this and asked if I wanted to join.
At first I had something like, hmm don't know if I'm good enough for it but it's been my dream for 3 years now to play in a musical so I started talking to Line, who was in charge of the camp. After a lot of questions and doubting, I decided to join! And that was the best decision I have ever made ^^

The camp was a 1.5 hour drive from my hometown, so with our GPS and printed directions (in case our GPS system goes berserk... like Can't find connection..., Searching for connection, Connection gone ... .) we went on our way, we is my mum, brother and I.
Offcourse there had to be a redirection on the way, so we lost our way...
After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at a place, next to a prison and in a forest... I was like, is it here? it can't be here?...(I was imagining just a house where we were staying...) But it was :D The site used to be a vagrants colony so it was pretty big. I didn't take pics of the side where we were staying but this is the other side.

It is now a petting zoo with lot's of animals, too bad I didn't take pics of all the animals.
Here are the ones I did took.
I managed to grab some feathers to make myself a hairaccessory, still have to make it though.

Sometimes people leave kitties in the forest 'cause they don't want them or they can't take care of them. If they are lucky and find their way to the 'Bonte Beesteboel', they can stay there, if not, well... 
This kitten showed up on Monday, all hungry and scared. When we tried to approach it, it ran off. The children couldn't leave it alone and tried to grab it the entire time. By the end of the week, it came to us on it's own, thanks to the kids not giving up, I think :D We named her 'Spinnetje', literally translated as Little Spider, after the little kitten who died in the play. Isn't she cute!

Our window sight 

The inside from the big dining room, 'cause we're "only" with about 25 people to eat, we were sitting in a smaller room. 
I have been taking lot's of architectural pictures from this room, like details of beams, slide doorsystem, ... 'cause it's a lovely example of a restoration.
This is an incredible long space which they divided with slide doors but they let the floor run through the whole space.
Even the tables and benches were made of those wooden boards.

I just love this effect on the walls. I think, this is due to the moisture in the bricks behind the plaster. Creates a cool effect don't you think?

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow follows part 2 ^^
Btw, today are my singinglessons starting again ^^ yay! I have been missing this these two months!
Bye x

Hi. I've been wanting to leave comments on your posts on your , but I don't see how to leave a comment. Where it says Comment at the bottom of your posts, there is just checkboxes for interesting, funny, etc.

hm, thanks for letting me know! Try to click on the top title of the post, the comment form will appear.
Do you have that every time when you visit my blog? 'cause with me sometimes it shows and other times it doesn't :s
I really need to change that comment system ...

Ask me anything

Friday, September 10, 2010

Photograph Friday

Picture taken at the Japanese garden in Hasselt, Belgium.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Easy cooking: easy peasy bread

I found a tutorial on craftster a while ago, describing how to make bread that you don't have to knead (Super Easy No-Knead Homemade bread by MissingWillow)
I was happy to hear (well read) that 'cause I have been always thinking about making my own bread, but with the lack of a breadmachine, it was impossible. Not any more ^^
Yesterdaymorning I started preparing the dough and at 10 pm I baked my very first bread ^^.
Here's it rising in the oven ^^ It started to look like a little monster who was awakening in my oven XD.

Done and cooled. I love the shape, it just doesn't seem like bread.

It tastes pretty good! My mum was surprised with the flavor. Next time have to add some more salt though.
Here's a list with tips if you want to try it yourself:

  • Instead of dry yeast as MissingWillow used, I accidentally bought fresh yeast... if you are using that. Firstly do not ever! put salt directly onto fresh yeast, this will stop it from working so your bread isn't going to rise. With using fresh yeast (48 gr), crumble the yeast in a little bowl, add 100 ml handwarm water, 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 spoon of sugar (these are not additional ingredients, I took them from the amount ingredients already in the recipe) Stir is really well. Add the salt and stir some more. Put it away on a warm place and let it sit for about 5 min. Than add it to the flour like said in the recipe.
  • Because I worked with fresh yeast, I couldn't put the whole amount of sugar in the yeastmixture so I put it in the warm water. To be honest... I forgot to add the sugar... so when my dough was ready, I saw my little bowl of sugar standing on the table, went Oops ^^; added water to the sugar and added it to the dough. 
  • I forgot to butter my ovenshape... so when I took the bread out of the oven, it stuck. So don't forget it ^^. Butter the shape, add flour evenly and place the dough on top.
Hope this helps a bit. If you made it, let me know!
I'll certainly make this again!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Here's a question for you: What is your favorite anime series?

hmm that's a hard one, here's a couple I really liked: Bleach, FMA, Fruits Basket, Skip Beat and Paradise Kiss ^^

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Added things to my shop!

Hi! I have been wanting a kanzashi ring for a long time now, and yesterday I finally made one! Yay ^^
I liked the result so much that I made 2 more to add to my shop. Hope people will like them too.
(I haven't got a decent picture of mine yet) I made them using felt, a pearl and a ring base.
To check out my other items, visit my shop
Here's the pink one

And a yellow one

If you like them but don't like the colours I made them into, I can do a custom ring in your favourite colour.

Plus, SariMari from Moments like Diamonds is hosting a giveaway!

Monday, September 6, 2010

OMG I do this too!

I'm back from a weekend without internet! we think someone is serving on our internet so we wanted to check it. 
About today's post, I came across this twitter account when reading Lisa Lemonjuice's blog

Some things, where I went: omg, I do that too!
Inbox (1) makes me happy.
Walking into someone else's house for the first time, and it always smells weird.
- Every time I go on vacation, I have a feeling that I forgot something even if I didn't.
- Not knowing whether to say "today" or "tomorrow" when it's after midnight.
- Being in bed, and stretching as far as you can to grab something on the floor.
Facebook is like a refrigerator. You get bored and keep checking, but nothing ever changes.
- You're 10, and you have Facebook and a cell phone? When I was 10, I had a coloring book and crayons!
Talking in a British accent just for the hell of it
Saying you hate a song when it comes on, and then singing along to it.
Drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth SUCKS
Thinking "Wow, this movie looks great! I'm definitely gonna see it!" And never seeing it.
Rediscovering music you used to love a while ago.
Feeling stupid when you say "what?" a thousand times when you can't hear.
"Was that a guy or a girl?"
Having a song that never gets old, no matter how many times you listen to it.
Putting your iPod on shuffle, then skipping through every single song to find a certain one. 

It's fun to read through all of the tweets ^^
Today I made a large bowl of pudding, think it's like 1 l ... teehee. It's yummy though ^^
I'm working on the musicalcamp post, hoping to post it this week!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Photograph Friday

I tried to capture the whole basilica from Scherpenheuvel, a popular pilgrimage place in Belgium. There were construction works going on so the entire front was covered so a pic of the back, although I think this was more interesting anyway ^^.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TTAMT Swap: sent and received

This week I got my package from the Two Tiny Anime and Manga Things in my mailbox ^^
And since my partner received too, I can show you guys what I made and got!
First up, I received from tavernkitty, 2 hairclips inspired by Nodame Cantabile

and for my next item, I got a doorhanger. So clever actually, when I'm out, people can leave messages in the little bag but I'm too scared to hang it outside my door in case a drunken student thinks it's funny to steal it ...

Look at those amazing details!! I wish I could embroider ... 

Thankyou so much tavernkitty!
Onto my items, I worked with her 2 favourite colours, green and red.
My first thought was a mangapaperbeadbracelet. I made paperbeads, printed out little pages from different manga and stuck them on the beads, painted them green, drilled holes and attached them. It took forever for the paper beads to dry but it was really fun to do ^^.

Next is a headband featuring Tomoe, one of her fav characters, he's from the manga Kamisama Hajimemashita. I made it using this tutorial but instead of a headband, I attached an elastic. 

This was a fun swap! I'm in for round 2!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's in my purse?

I have seen some of these posts on youtube and blogs so I thought about doing one myself.
This is my new (yup, bought another one) bug summer bag. I really wanted a bigger one 'cause I tend to carry around a lot of stuff ^^ Have to make a purse insert too to keep it all organized 'cause big bags = lot's stuff = long time looking = big mass
My new kitty purse ^^ The first purse I saw, was a pink one with blue/brown flowers (one of my fav colour combo's!) but when I saw this one, with the Japanese feeling it had, I knew I had to get this one :D

a close-up of the print

The inside

Onto the items inside!
First up, the zipper pouche on the left holds my feminine stuff while the other one holds my deorollor, lipbalm, Japanese pepermint drops (works great with headaches), a mirror and gum. 
These pouches I got through a swap on craftster ^^ Love them!

Next are some tissues, my fan which I bought for almost no money (50 cents *lucky*), a leopard notebook for making lists and a little notebook (which I got from Than Thao ^^) for little scribbles.

I made these pictures a few weeks back, and at that time it was sunny and warm in Belgium, 
so I carried my sunglasses and a bottle of water around with me.

I love drawing, though I don't do it often anymore, so when I have some time while waiting on my bus or just in between things I can draw :) 

In the next picture is my little-aid box with medicine, band-aids and such in case of emergency and my mp3player, I made her cozy myself with this tutorial.

My wallet, big enough to hold my carts and stuff and my mobile ^^

And last but not least, one of my precious items, a business card holder given to me by my best friend from middle school ^^ It holds some cards from internet shops I've ordered from and my cards for the bus.

Hope you enjoyed this post ^^
Have a niceWednesday