10/50 Make paper beads

I am a real hoarder ... I keep everything... old pens, old clothing, bottle caps, ... 'cause I think (and know) I could do something with it in the future! Which leads to another thing I love, recycling!
Today I have a tutorial for you to reuse all those old magazines, newspaper, advertisement papers and change them into beads! Jup, paper beads ^^

First up, you'll need
- old paper
- wall paper paste
- a kettle
- water
- sand paper
- a drill
- paint, magazine clippings, anything you need to decorate them

Might warn you now, this is going to be messy!
Start by ripping your paper into little shreds and pieces, the smaller, the better
Put them in your kettle and pour water over them 'till there 1 thumb under water.
Set your fire on low heat (1 or 2) and leave it for an hour. Be sure to stir it once in a while.
While this is cooking, you can prepare your glue, just follow the directions on the package.
You'll get a big paper mess like below on the picture.

Take your kettle of the fire and start making little balls. While you're doing this, try and get as much water out of the paper as possible. Take a gulb of glue and smear it on the ball.
My method is take paper, squeeze the water out of it, take glue and start forming a ball. Continue 'till you have no paper left.

Let them sit somewhere to dry, preferably a warm place. This can take quite a while, from 1 day 'till 5 days, depending on how big the beads are.
When they are dry, use the sand paper to smoothen the rough edges.
Now we're going to make holes in them, use a pliers or something to hold your beads. I don't recommend using your fingers 'cause just one misplacement with the drill and you have a hole in your finger... always be careful! 
The advantage of making a hole in them before painting is that now you can place them on a stick and paint them without holding them. Place the sticks in a piece of  foam and let them dry.
And done! 
Now if you want to cover them with magazine clippings or mangadrawings, cut them in little stripes.
Grab your craft glue or your left-over wall paper glue and start pasting the images on the beads.
If you're going with this method, drill the holes after you've stuck your images on the beads 'cause you'll cover them up and don't find them anymore...
Than use them as regular beads and 
tada, you have for example a bracelet