Whistle down the wind part 1

I'm dividing this post 'cause it seems I have a lot to say about it :D
So from the 21tf 'till the 28th of August, I went away on a musical-camp.
A friend of mine from my dormitory knew someone who was planning this and asked if I wanted to join.
At first I had something like, hmm don't know if I'm good enough for it but it's been my dream for 3 years now to play in a musical so I started talking to Line, who was in charge of the camp. After a lot of questions and doubting, I decided to join! And that was the best decision I have ever made ^^

The camp was a 1.5 hour drive from my hometown, so with our GPS and printed directions (in case our GPS system goes berserk... like Can't find connection..., Searching for connection, Connection gone ... .) we went on our way, we is my mum, brother and I.
Offcourse there had to be a redirection on the way, so we lost our way...
After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at a place, next to a prison and in a forest... I was like, is it here? it can't be here?...(I was imagining just a house where we were staying...) But it was :D The site used to be a vagrants colony so it was pretty big. I didn't take pics of the side where we were staying but this is the other side.

It is now a petting zoo with lot's of animals, too bad I didn't take pics of all the animals.
Here are the ones I did took.
I managed to grab some feathers to make myself a hairaccessory, still have to make it though.

Sometimes people leave kitties in the forest 'cause they don't want them or they can't take care of them. If they are lucky and find their way to the 'Bonte Beesteboel', they can stay there, if not, well... 
This kitten showed up on Monday, all hungry and scared. When we tried to approach it, it ran off. The children couldn't leave it alone and tried to grab it the entire time. By the end of the week, it came to us on it's own, thanks to the kids not giving up, I think :D We named her 'Spinnetje', literally translated as Little Spider, after the little kitten who died in the play. Isn't she cute!

Our window sight 

The inside from the big dining room, 'cause we're "only" with about 25 people to eat, we were sitting in a smaller room. 
I have been taking lot's of architectural pictures from this room, like details of beams, slide doorsystem, ... 'cause it's a lovely example of a restoration.
This is an incredible long space which they divided with slide doors but they let the floor run through the whole space.
Even the tables and benches were made of those wooden boards.

I just love this effect on the walls. I think, this is due to the moisture in the bricks behind the plaster. Creates a cool effect don't you think?

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow follows part 2 ^^
Btw, today are my singinglessons starting again ^^ yay! I have been missing this these two months!
Bye x