All about deco!

I'm making a website and blog all about Deco-den and I'm looking for people who love to help me.
The thought is to make this website/blog a place where everyone can go to with questions about materials, links to tutorials all around the net.
It should be a site by for deco-ders
I'm looking for people who (not all of this in one person though)
- love decoing
- want to search the net for tutorials or make tutorials there selves
- want to write pages about deco
- can work with blogger or with google-sites (this isn't that necessery 'cause you can just email your information to everyone)
- can make a lay-out
- ...
If anyone wants to help, leave me a comment ^^
Be sure to check them out, they are still in their beginning fase but I hope we can make it a good site together!
All about deco-blog
All about deco-website