5 questions on your blog part 1

After lot's of swaps on craftster, I stumbled upon the website Swap-bot, a site dedicated to swapping with fellow craftster. I love that they also have email swaps which are great to know more people and cheap for your wallet ^^

I'm now in the 5 question on your blog swap, in which we have to answer, you're right, 5 questions asked by each of our partners.
Today are my answers to the 5 questions of Craftymom85.

  1. What is your favorite craft and why?I really like all kinds of crafting, so this is really hard... I think paint and drawing, although I don't do it that often anymore... I just love working with paint and pencils :).
  2. What do you collect, and why?
    When I was 12 I used to collect stamps, now I'm trying to collect all sorts of things from around the world. Mainly items that are specific for your area of your country. I have a kokeshi doll from Japan, a clump from Holland and some other things, it's still a really small collection ... . And I also collect postcards ^^.
  3. If you had to choose one place to vacation to, where would it be and why?
    I would love LOVE! to visit Japan one day, for it's architecture, it's culture and shopping :D I just have a fascination for Japan... I'd love to visit Kyoto to see all the traditional architecture there, I dedicated a part of my paper for school about it.
  4. What do you do to relax after a stressful day?
    aaah stressful days, I sure know them... If I have a stressful day (in architecture it's mostly stress for a week or more) I will first sleep 'cause stress for jury's and all will bring sleepless nights full of work. After that, I'll get after my pc and watch a movie. Or if I'm really down, watch a program made by Arashi (a japanese boysband) their programs are really funny and joyfull, they always make me laugh so it's a real boost to end a stressful day.
  5. What is your time of year and why?
    hmmm, I like spring, watching nature grow out of it's wintersleep and hearing birds again in the morning. But the time I really come alive is when summer vacation starts, 'cause that's for me the time that I can start crafting again and I love that! 
Tomorrow follows part 2 ^^