Whistle down the wind part 2

 Sorry! I actually promised this post on Sunday but I have been working and cleaning in our house. Our bedroom ('cause we only have 2 bedrooms, me and my mum sleep together) was a complete mess so I took that task on me and started working on it! Almost done!

On Saturday, I talked about the place we were staying and such, today I'm going to talk about the musical itself.
First up, the story.
It begins in 1959, in a small farmer town in America. At that time almost every American was very religious, they had a strong believe that Jesus would come back one day* A murderer is on the loose and hides himself in a barn. When a girl enters the barn, the man awakens with a startle, when she asks who he is, he can only say: Jesus Christ before he faints. A mistake is made and now all the children believe the man is Jesus Christ Superstar.
It's actually a battle between the grown-ups who want to catch the murderer and the children who want to protect their 'Jesus'.
(if you want to read it all I recommend reading here )

I think most of you don't know this musical but I think almost all of you remember this song, performed by Boyzone.

That's a song from the musical. Love the song ^^. 

This is the barn where we were rehearsing almost everyday. Most singing lessons were inside with the piano but the staging and dancing were practised here.

Installing the light bridge, when all the lights were on, it turned into a barn disco :D
You can also see the seets in this picture, made from bales of straw. 

I drew a quick sketch from our decor, on the left a trailer, in the middle screens for projections and openings for us to enter the stage and on the right the barn in the play. When you put straw and kids together you get lot's and lot's of straw everywhere and lot's of dust too... which wasn't that good for me since I'm allergic to dust but it was okay. 

Like I said above, the grown-ups were the bad ones in this musical so almost all of our songs were intense and full of anger which was fun to do ^^. We got to play the angry mob! haha :D You know it's really hard to put on an angry face if you're rehearsing and you are having fun :D.
At the end of the musical 'the man' lits the barn on fire so we were going to do that too.
They made a barn out of wood and something to make the fire grow fast. We put up lot's of buckets filled with water and sand and 2 garden hoses to put the fire out. Our plan was, scare the children away, lit the barn on fire, scream FIRE!! and then everyone would grab those buckets and extinguish the fire. 
When the premier came and this scene took place, all went well 'till the man lit his match, threw it on the ground and the fire started... we waited ... the flame went only 20 cm high. I didn't know if we should wait longer so I yelled FIRE!!!! It only took 1 bucket to put it out. One... we were all expecting a big fire so when we saw that little fire, we all started laughing XD So what should have been an exciting scene turned out to be quite the difference.

On the day of the premier it was time to change into our farmers outfits.
This is me in mine. A black skirt and an apron from my grandma, a red shirt from the girlfriend of my nephew and a bow I made using lace from my grandma and a tutorial on cutoutandkeep. Don't worry the purple scarf was only 'cause it was coooold! didn't wear that in the musical :D

Some of us had trouble keeping it all together XD

The man and the serpent-priestess needed tattoos and I like to draw sooo I made tattoos ^^
Actually I made The Man his tattoo first (after something he found on the internet) and than drew the snake on the priestess her hand. I love drawing on people ^^. 
The tattoo on the man actually ruined his sheets the night after the musical. Nice souvenir, teehee ^^

I had so much fun that entire week!
On the 26th of September there will be a reunion and I really really hope I can be there! 
(They asked me if I could paint the children's faces, never done that before but it seems like fun!)