2/50 First time glass etching

Yesterday I went to my friends in Leuven and stayed over night. We were planning to do karaoke but the weather was so bad, we didn't feel like going out T_T. Due to the snow, there was a record of traffic hold-ups.  I wanted to do karaoke!! Oh well, that's for next time.
Now today I went shopping with my friend, Tine in Leuven and I bought some earrings on sale, plus a very cute ring.

a better view of the ring (I <3 bows)

And later when I came home after taking the train and bus, I wanted to craft something very badly!
So I etched a glass I bought at the thrift store. It's going to be a glas featuring my little comic: De Piepkes
Work in progress:

Finished glass modeled with Ice Tea <3
I only did 3 sides 'cause the Johnny Walker sign was on the fourth side.

What do you think? 
Here's the tutorial I used:

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Music: Tamaki Hiroshi - Odoro you


  1. I love the glass etchings! So cute!

    And that bow ring is fabulous, I've been wanting one, but can't find any around here :P

  2. Thanks ^^
    Maybe you could make a little bow out of polymer clay and stick it onto a ring base.


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