3/50: Summer skirt

I finally made myself a skirt!! whoot ^^
The fabric I got from my grandmother, she had a big trunk full of fabric and I got this one.
The skirt is made using this tutorial: http://i44.tinypic.com/20s6gxd.jpg
without flash

with flash

Don't know if you can see it but it's actually blue with orange flowers.
Still have to line it 'cause the fabric is a bit see-through ...

I did some of the things differently in the tutorial so here are my tips,
Tips & Tricks:
- if you want a more frillier and fuller skirt, or if you have a larger waist (like me) make sure you take a bigger measurement than 91 m. Think I'm going to do my next skirt with 1.30 m instead of 90.
- When sewing a line on the long edge of the skirt to gather it. Make sure you stitch 2 lines. If one thread snaps when you're gathering it, you can use the other thread.
- When putting the elastic in the waistband, put a safety pin through the elastic and another one on the end of the elastic. It's a lot easier to put this through the waistband like this.

That's it for today ;)
Have a nice Sunday!