Sales haul! ~ Picture overload

Last week I still had Christmas vacation and my mum and I went shopping for one day ^^
These are the things I bought. It's a lot ... but I don't go shopping much during the year because of no time so I can do that =D Sort of, making up for it, haha!

I needed/wanted new shoes, and I was going for flat boots because of my feet. Guess what I bought...
Short boots with heels, hehe. They are comfy though! If you also have problems with your feet, you have to take a look at the shoes from El Naturalista, they are specially made for people with difficult feet ^^.
These were actually 70%! whooot!

Next, I bought a scarf from Vera Moda for 3€ ^^ Sale! 
I found out at home that it was a really long scarf, just what I needed!

Next up, the items from H&M
Cute tote bag for 1€

Blouse for 10€, I love the little flowers and the colours.

 Love the shape of the shirt, and for 5€, I'm taking it!

Next are 2 shirts I bought to draw on. Hopefully in the near future,...
Both were 3€

At the JBC, I found this super cute sweater ^^
Can't remember the prize of this one.

And in L&L, a shop where I never go, I found this duper cute owl dress.
There was also a cat one which I liked more but they didn't got it in my size.
This was a little more expensive, like 25€

Earrings! I'm searching for this so I can create a Dolly Kei outfit, and I thought these would fit.
Plus I really like them! For only 2€, god I love sales at Six!

Soap! and not just your regular soap, Cranberry soap! I put it in my bag and in the evening, my bag was smelling like cranberries ^^ For 2€

That's it ^^
Do you guys like such a haul post or you'd rather not want me to overload you with pics?
Take care and for the people in Australia, Stay safe!!!!