I've been drawing ^^

yay! While we watched the movie Lost in Translation this weekend I drew something again.
That has been a looooong time! And because of that, I'm going to show it to you guys.
Like you might have read in my Day Zero Project List, one of my goals is to draw something every month,
and this is it for January 2011.
Do you know the book/film Memoires of a Geisha?
I love both and I especially like the cover of the book, so that was my inspiration for this drawing!

(almost) Finished

I still have to make her eyes blue and her lips red, but I'm thinking of not doing it, or perhaps only the eyes...
What do you think?
And here are some in progress pics, which I always try to take from drawings that take longer than an hour.
This one took 2, while watching a movie and eating some chips.
So it was like, eat a chip, wipe hands of, take pencil, draw line, eat a chip, wipe hands, ... XD