10/50 Rapunzel Scarfs + tutorial

Another thing to stripe of the list, a Rapunzel scarf.
This is really easy so make,
grab whatever left over of yarn, fabric and ribbon you have.
Snip of long enough strings. Remember to let them longer than you intend to want your scarf, I'd say half of it longer. Tie a knot, make three parts and start braiding, end with another knot
and tadaaa you have a Rapunzel scarf.
This is a great project for all your left-over stash, to little to make a large project but too much to throw away.
The first one I made, it's a little bit too short so I think I'm going to sell it or give away. I love these colours!

Close-up of the yarn

And the second one, lovely red/purples ^^ This one is looooong, which I like!

close-up of the yarn

I'm still thinking of whether or not I'm going to make mochi tonight ... I just did my nails and mochi will be veryyy sticky... guess I'll wait 'till next week!

Ooh! I forgot all about this, but The Fashionate Traveller is having her 1 year anniversary of her blog. To celebrate that, she is having a give-away! yay!
If you like alternative, gothic, and Tokyo/Shibuya/Harajuku fashion style – big top hats, big flouncy tutu skirts, luscious false lashes, unusual coloured lipstick…  you should check it out!