I'm currently stressing really really bad, I have to finish a paper for 12.30 h on Friday.
It's about how Shintoïsm (a japanese religion) influenced the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright (famous American architect) and him as a person. It's interesting, although it doesn't sound like that ^^;
Everytime I say my research question to someone (in a real quick way), they are like: ugh? What? Hihi it's fun ^^.
We also have a big presentation thing on Thursday, luckily I have everything for that one finished *sigh* (the course for which we had to do those patterns , the paper sculpting, boxes and stuff, which you can expect some posts in the future when everything's wrapped up.)

So about my paper, I have to finish it for Friday, I have yet to write the most important part of the paper, got 3.455 words and I need 5000 and I'm stressing!! yikes! *big big sigh* And I don't feel like typing ... I wanna craft!! and draw and do stuff! School is taking up my life!

Btw these two things aren't the only things, we also have a 2 groupprojects, 1 design (which is very important) that needs to be finished, I have to look for an internship,(I hope this is the right word, you go work with someone to try out, you're still in school and you don't get paid a lot) also before Friday (I'm a procrastinator at some things...), I have to visit 4 more buildings sites, and in between go to lessons (we have a lot of classes) and maybe a study a bit ... I'm probably forgetting some things... Oh yeah, and make a comic book.
soooo this was enough rambling for today.
Hope you enjoy(ed) your day, I'm going to get ready and head of to my dorm!
See ya!


  1. Ahh, I totally know what you mean! School and universtiy can be so stressing! I know that, too since I finished my graduation paper not long ago, too. It was a pain in the neck, if I am honest, I really had to push myself to sit in front of my computer and type...

    So good luck for you!


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