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acting - romance - revenge - craziness

This Shoujo anime involves around Mogami Kyoko, a 16 year old girl whose life is always running around her youth friend (and crush) Fuwa Shou, a boy who's working his way up into the music charts of Japan.When she finds out ,one day, that he only "lives" with her to let her play his maiden, she is out for revenge (who wouldn't!) by outdoing him in the showbusiness! With a little "persuasiveness" she can enter an audition for the 2nd largest tv company of Japan. Because she is missing something, she isn't accepted as idol but has to partake in the "Love me" section of the company...And for better more information there's always wiki

The anime has 25 episodes.

What do I think?
This isn't your regular shoujo-anime. You can see this in the first episode. The evil revenge thoughts Kyoko has, are always very funny. And her changing moods cracked me up every time. But don't forget the right dose of bishounen!
I would recommend this anime to everyone who loves humor, acting, craziness and romance! I just became happy every time I saw it and on the end of every episode I was sooo curious to see what would happen next that I finished it in 3 days! (this was the first time I finished an anime so fast and I had school all day!)
I loved the music especially the song of Fuwa Shou.
It's an original story with a couple of very fun sideways, nice music, and the chibi's and dark mode of Kyoko are very funny!
Ooh! AND there is a liveaction coming up! A Taiwan one *giggle* called Extravagant Challenge starring Ariel Jin and Jerry Yan (don't know them but maybe you do) can't wait! I was hoping for a Japanese one but this is better than nothing!

In one sentence
I'll revenge you Fuwa Shou!!!

Riechan's values:
Music: 9/10
Image: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Happy wappy: 8/10
Fight: 3/10
Blood and Gore: 0/10
Tears: 5/10


Want to see?
Extravagant Challenge

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