Nails of today

I felt like doing my nails today so I did! I loved the look on Violet Le Beaux lace nails and decided to try it.
I grabbed a toothpick and started dotting away ^^. The base is Rimmel nail polish, 381 Russet Flame, a nice deep red. And the white has been in my fridge so long I can't even read the name anymore...
As you can see, I didn't get a lace effect but I do like the dots. Have to wait longer before I apply the top coat... I smudged the white dots 'cause I didn't have enough patience to wait until they fully dried. Note to self: lots of nail polish takes more time to dry!
Ooh and remember I'm a beginner in this stuff ^^
What do you think?
I also made my box today! Yay! Pictures are coming tomorrow ^^
And on Friday, I'm going to have a haircut! It's been seven months ...


  1. Cute! The white looks great with the red <3

  2. @Violet leBeaux: thanks ^^ I love the red too


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