Saturday, April 10, 2010

School: paper sculpt

15 projects finished - 12 to go ! Eeps!
This has kept me busy yesterday

Yes, these very weird shape are another project I had to make, these are constructed from paper rectangles measuring 7 by 7 cm.
We had to make 2 series here they are:
Some artistic shots
Serie 1

Serie 2:

And this was my warzone aka the living room table

Phew, up to the next projects!


Maria Isabel said...

That looks so cool, I would add some lights inside the sculpture for a cool lamp.
Great job!
-Maria Isabel

ma petit cherie said...

incredible work!!

I cant wait to see more of your work soon! <3
keep it up and DONT give up :)

ps. My table is also a warzone too haha >< all thanks to university ==

Riechan said...

@MariaIsabel and Ma petit Cherie
Thankyou guys ^^

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