School: Pattern making

Since I haven't finished my post about my trip yet, here's another post.
This is what kept me busy the last 2 days:

See the large white space above it, that's the part I still have to do *sigh*
We had to design a pattern ourselves based on a triangle pattern.
This is what I had come up with. I can't decide which colour I'll use for the larger pattern (the white space)...
anyone got an idea? I have to use 2 strong colours and 1 in between.
Help is always welcome!

@Maria Isabel: I follow architecture at college. We get lot's of these assignments for one course. (You'll see more updates with my progress on these projects 'cause we have to finish these after the Easter Holiday and there are a lot of them! yikes!)
If you want I can share the pattern with all of you so you can make things like these yourself. You'll have to wait a few days though.


  1. wow you must go the the coolest school in the world! I wish I knew how to make something like that!

  2. gorgeous!
    Love the geometricity and the intense colours! Cannot wait to see the finished piece! :)


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