Flee market haul

On Monday there was a flee/bookmarket in town so my brother and I decided to go and see if there was anything interesting...
and there was! (there always is!)

Here are the things I bought

Firstly I found a chainnecklace which I thought would be good to use for a junknecklace. Only 1€.
I also bought some jewelery supplies, both for 0.50 € so 1 € for the two.
Then I saw two Harry Potter books in English: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. I already have all of them in Dutch but I have been reading them in English too and I wanted to have them so I can write in them and well just have them :D They were 3€ and 5€ but I managed to get the two for 7 €. Jeej!
I was also looking for some little record that I could melt or turn into earring holders. I found 4 for 1.50 € (instead of 2 €)

I found these 2 cute containers, the Tweety one is a heart shaped container and the other one was a tea container. Both of these will be decorated! Jeej! Can't wait to try out the silicones I bought a while ago.
Each one was 0.20 € so 0.40 € for the two.
The book that you see on the picture is a English/Japanese dictionary. In August there was another flee/bookmarket here in town and I bought the Japanese/English one there, thinking I didn't need the other one. That was stupid of me so I was very happy when I saw this one still laying there! 5 €

And as piece de resistance! 2 Asian type parasols. I asked how much for one parasol. He said: "this one (the one on the left) is for free! The wind had made it go flying and since it's from paper, it's broken in a couple of places." 
The other one was 1 € so I bought them both! Don't really know what to do with them yet but I couldn't not bring them. *squeal*

So in total I spend 16,90 €, not bad ey?


  1. What a great haul! Your lucky to have flea markets !

  2. Great stuff!
    How exciting! It must of been really fun. I would of love to have went to a flea market on my weekend off



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