Halloween top

Ugh... it's raining in Belgium and I do not mean a few drops, I mean raining cats and dogs and god what else. Luckily our part isn't as bad as the rest of the country.
onto the topic of this post
When reading Exotic-Japan (check it out if you love Japan and/or photography!),
Tom made a post about a Halloween top that his wife Sakie bought from a Thai Designer.
I really liked it! So I thought, why not make it myself ^^
Here's the original one

and here's my version. It turned out a bit smaller.

I only had a white tshirt (which is a bit too big) available but I think I'm going to cut it into a top. That would be cuter.
At first I replaced the skulls with bows. (the trick is to draw your design in pencil first so you can see how it'd look like, but I mostly just draw right onto it ... oops)
But the bows didn't look that good so I did the skulls.
Maybe I'll add a bow to the top or to the skulls, what do you think?