A biking trip

A few weeks ago we went on a biking trip, we, being my mum, my brother, a friend and me.
Luckily that day turned out to be the last summery day from the year...
Most shots are landscapes, so you can see how a part of Belgium looks like ;).
It were a lot of hills, going up, going down. The place where we went biking was 50 km from our hometown, so we borrowed bikes from family in that neighbourhood. Not riding on your own bike for 30 km isn't that good..., after the 30 km I was whacked XD
Onto the pics!

After 15 km we stopped by a restaurant for some snacks. Me and my mum ordered a pancake, my brother water, and our friend, a giant!! croque monsieur. I feel bad for not taking a picture of it, 'cause it was really big! You know the normal size of a bread slice... triple that ... than you have about the right size... The ice cream coupes were really big there too... we didn't order one so also no pics...
There was also a cute painting there, which I did take a picture of. (maybe not that good of a picture, the restaurant was really crowded, and I didn't feel like standing up just to take a decent picture ...)

The next pics are taken when I was riding the bike,
the proof:

A really cool gate

It was sunny indeed...

That friend has a lot of animals, these are his farm-horses. (I have a very cute photograph of one of these but I'll keep that for this Photograph Friday ;) )

His doggie, a labrador. It was soooo hard to take a decent picture from her, 'cause she wouldn't stand still, always running around, silly dog ^^

Little piggies, anyone seeing Babe?

And one of his rabbits just got a nest of babies. Here you can see them lying very close to each other in a sort of nest that the mother has made from her own hair.

Hope you enjoyed the photo's, not to much talking 'cause the pictures have to speak for themselves.