Bloggers Unite - November Challenge

I'm a member of the Bloggers Unite blog, and they are doing a November challenge which seems like fun.
You just have to post once a week about what they tell you to post.
For today, they asked this question:

Your Lotto numbers have come up! 
You have taken care of your family and friends, you have 15 Million dollars to spend on whatever you dreamed of before. 
How are you going to spend the money?

My answer:
Tough one...
I'd say ...
On lot's of different things ^^

Craft Supplies: fabric, jewelery findings, crafts I haven't tried before 'cause it's too expensive, painting supplies, ...
A trip to Japan visiting Kyoto, Tokyo, ... for 3 months or longer and visit some friends there.
And when in Japan spend lot of money on clothing and crafts, oh and gifts!
Oh and go to see a musical... 
I have never seen a musical in real life before... I saw some on dvd but I'd love to see one in real life.
Like Wicked, ...

Ooh and visit a couple of friends around the world and the new Harry Potter theme park ...
As you can see, I have a lot of ideas :)

If you are a blogger yourself, take a look at Unite Bloggers 'cause they are going to do lot's of different challenges, you can promote your give-aways there and it's always fun to learn to know other bloggers right?