Bloggers Unite - November Challenge: week 3

Whats inside your handbag? You can tell alot about a person by what they carry around with them everyday, what's in yours and why? 

First, I'll show you my winterpurse!
I got it from my mum for Christmas last year.
It reminds me of a sweater ^^

Jack Husky, 
Jup, a doggy ^^

The inside.

And the stuff inside the purse.
'Cause I'm ... between my dorm and home, I leave my purse at home but I take the inside with me, so some things were lying on my dorm when I took this picture.

- Wallet 
- decoed box with medicines 
- mobile phone
- pen, pencil and eraser
- gum
- little mirror which I'm planning to deco
- box with cough drops
- deoroller
- a tissue-pouch (made by me)
- chap stick 

Some things that aren't pictured but when I'm going somewhere I take them with me.
(you can see some of these here)
- a manga (to keep me busy when I'm on the way)
- my sketchbook (same as above ;) and yes I can draw in a bus/train/car ;) )
- my mp3
- a bottle of water
- sometimes a cookie or apple

What's in your purse/bag ?