Birthday Presents ^^

Since I was on my dorm, my family couldn't give me my presents so I got them today ^^
(I'm already home 'cause today it's the 11th of November which is Armistice day and a holiday.)

Two kokeshi dolls, I love them and sort of want to collect them ^^ So I was very happy when I opened these!

But they are not just dolls ... One is a piggy bank (or rather a kokeshi bank) and the other one is a jewelery box

I got a trip to the beautysalon ^^ Hehe, my mum promised this to me long ago 'cause I had good grades.
It'll be for massages since I have a lot of stress these days. I can't wait (and I'm a bit scared too ^^;)

I also got a little gift bag with the card, a moisturizer and a scented candle, strawberry ^^

These gifts were from my mum ^^.
The newest cd from Bart Peeters, my favourite Dutch singer. This is from my brother.

Next up is a jewelery egg thingy from my dad. Love the blue vs gold and the image on there ^^

It contains a little bottle to put perfume in.

oh and
Congratulations Alyssa!!