When it's hot...

you need something cold!
And what is better to have in hot hot summer than a sorbet! yum ^^
Yesterday we (my mum and I) made, in the spur of the moment, watermelon sorbet and cherry sauce.
Quick recipe:
We only had a quarter of a water melon left, so that's what we used. Slice into small pieces and remove all the seeds. Put them in a bowl and mix them. I also added some sugar, 2 tablespoons of crystal sugar.
Mix again. Get out little cups or those special things to make water ice, or a large flat container.
Pour the mixture in there and store in the freezer. I looked at the sorbet after 3 hours and it wasn't ready yet so longer than that :D.

Before freezing:

I have to say, when you are going to make this, start with a little amount of watermelon, so you can see if you like it. The end result has a very specific taste, some like it, others don't.

A friend of mine made a tutorial on youtube about a cantalope sorbet (we call cantalope here literally: honey melon)

Onto the cherry sauce; shall we?
My mum got a lot of cherries from a friend and since I don't like cherries so much, there were still some left.
Our first idea was cherry sorbet but it turned out a liiiitle bit different :)
Quick recipe:
We used 2 handful cherries (all good ones), wash them and set a pan on fire with 200 ml of water and add 2 table spoons of crystal sugar and let it warm. Remove the seed from the cherries while adding in them in the pan. Bring to a boil and stir. If it boiling, put it on a lower fire and let boil. Mash the cherries and sieve the mixture (be sure to put something beneath it 'cause that's your sauce xD )
And finished, now add it to your ice-cream or put the sauce with the icecream in a blender and you have cherrymilkshake!
No pictures 'cause we were to quick with eating ^^; sorry.
Besides cooking, I also did some crafting so expect some posts about that in the future!