6/50: Re-shoeing

Ever since I saw Violet Le Beaux's tutorial on her cute red glitter shoes I had the urge to try this out on my green ballerinas. I have very difficult feet, so I hate shoe shopping... most of the shoes I like, don't fit. I hate that! But sometimes I find perfect pairs ^^ This was one of them. A pair of green ballerinas.
Now they are a bit worn-out but I can't part of them and glitter I like so glitter they get ^^ !

It's really easy and you don't have to get a lot, just glitter, paint brushes and craft glue which dries transparent 'cause else you won't see the glitter. Everything else is explained at Violet's tutorial.
Work in progress:

And this is the result ^^
Inside with flash:

And outside:

What do you think? I like it, I think I'm going so add something to the straps. Maybe a little bow (or would that be to much?) Hihi ^^ I like my "new" shoes ^^