Sorry for not updating ... been a bad blogger but...
Soar feet, happy feeling and a lighter wallet only means one thing... I went shopping!
Sorry no Photograph Friday today, but you'll get a nice photograph next Friday!
On to the stuff I bought.
First I went to my two craft stores and bought some stuff. (Schleiper and Veritas)
I bought some felt, clay and resin (I can't wait to try this! have been wanting to try this for a long time) in one store and bought the white sheets with stars (iron-ons), a necklace, white ribbon with little feet on, a brooch and a pearl thing to embellish in the other one. That one was having a sale, all those things were only € 0,50! yay!
Check out my very cool handmade (not by me) Wicked sheets.

In that same store (Veritas) I bought 3 pair of socks/stockings for €1 ! one! I love sales ^^
I also bought some hairclips, a pearl nailpolish (to try out this tutorial by the lovely Violet LeBeaux) and a naildrawing pen from essence.

the lace ones, knee height

grey ones, my first thigh height pair
can't wait to wear these in the winter
(it's 36°C outside so nothing for this weather...)

these ones are my favourite!, knee height

Next post, there's part 2 of my haul (this is actually what I bought on the 30th of June, tomorrow is the stuff from the 1st of July)