Glee swap: items I've send

I joined the first Glee swap on craftster (hoping for more rounds). I really really like the series as I really like singing!
These are the things I send.
First up, a character bracelet. My partner Vanilyzz really liked bracelets and she loved every one of the characters. 
The star is for Rachel, the skull for Tina, the football for Puck and Finn, the microphone for Mr Shuester, the pacifier for Quinn and the red and black beads are the school colours.
All is made by hand and clay (except for the skull).

A pair of earring and a keychain with red and black ponpons, representing the Cheerio team, a team of cheerleaders.

Bookmarks, because she likes to read!
Here's one with her favourite mash-up (two songs put together to form one)
One with the glee sign on it and one of her favourite quotes from the show.

A crochet bracelet in the school colours.

'Cause she like Emma's jewelery, I made her an Emma flower as a hairclip, also out of clay and painted with acrylic paint. Modeled in my hair.

And finally a stencilled tshirt with another one of her favourite quotes:

I think I'm going to make myself one of those Tshirts and a flower and the bookmarks ^^.
Anyone else watching Glee?