Haul part 2

Here's part 2 of my haul, things I bought on the first day of the sales ^^.
Accessories I bought, a braided headband with flower pattern (1€), a blue pair of earrings (2,5€), a pair of red loop earrings (1€), 2 pairs of pearlearrings and 1 pair of bowearrings (2€), 2 bows (1€) and  lot's of pearl bracelet's (3€) ^^

I desperately needed a new summer dress, and I ran into this polkadot red dress for only 5€.

Next up are a short and a pants. The short is very short but I don't mind. And the pants has a lovely purple colour (the only pants I have which isn't brown, black, blue of white, haha)

And last, a really cute top with one broken band which gave me an extra discount. It's easy to make so no problem ^^.

Tomorrow is my first working day, I feel excited! I only need to get up at 7 AM so that's alright (I was fearing I had to be awake at 5 AM)
Hope you enjoyed this quick post!