I got tagged!! Sunshine award and Q&A game ^^

And actually I got also tagged a while ago but I still have to do that post. whoops...
Anywho, I got tagged by Thanh Thao from Rainy Days Never Stays (love the name of her blog!)
So here are my answers! (this is going to be difficult ^^; )

Share 7 interesting facts about yourself
1. I have curly hair and I really like it. It's very easy in the morning, no styling, no combing, just running through with my fingers and done ^^ 
2. I'm a lefty, well I'm left-handed and I'm proud of it ^^
3. I can't sleep with noise, the tiniest bit of sound and I can't get my eyes closed ... which is very annoying on a dorm...
4. I have to much hobbies (as you can read on the About me page) I'd love to learn and do soooooo much!
5.  I keep everything... when my mum asks me: "do you still need this" the answer is always: "Yes" whether it's clothes (revamping), toys (jewelery and other things), paper (new paper, paper beads,...), or anything that I can make a hole in.
6. I LOVE working with my hands, to be able to present something, you made with your own hands is something I really like.
7. I don't really like living at my dorm... I would love more friends here but with all the work for school I hardly come out of my dorm, so everyone thinks I'm a quiet geek... T_T *sigh* I do sing at my dorm, so loud that the whole hallway hears it :D

Questions and Answers

1. A vampire or a wizard (and why)
A wizard, definitely! I'd love to use magic, it would be sooooo useful in live, plus I love light to much to be a vampire.
2. If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
Maybe a bit thinner, ... Dorm life makes you grow on a few kilos... I'm trying to working on it though.
Oh and maybe also be a bit more daring, I am to shy to say and do what I would love to do and I hate that :s 
3.Would you rather live like a rock star or president (fun or power)
Rock star! I'd love to get on stage and have fun!
4. What's your favourite cartoon character?
See that's a difficult one... hmm... I think it's Pikachu XD
No really euhm ... I have my favourite ones per anime so ... 
although I do like oboro from Bottle Fairy pretty much ^^
5. What is your (most) guilty pleasure?
Teasing people ^^
6. If you were a song, what would it be?
Odoro Yo from Tamaki Hiroshi I just LOVE this song ^^
7. What is your biggest dream?
I would love to perform in a musical one day.  
8. Do you prefer to be the one to ask questions or the one who answers them?
I am very curious so I love to ask questions... on the other hand, it's nice to talk about yourself sometimes... so both ^^
9. What is your biggest turn on and turn off?
Turn on: Someone who can make me laugh , Turn off: smokers

I tag:
Violet from Violet Le Beaux
Hikaria from Hikaria
Whitney from Whitney Sews
Pickled Panda from Pickled Pandas Designs
Maria Isabel from Kaleidoscope eyes

Lol... I stared 15 min to my screen looking at the 7 numbers for interesting facts about me ... and I finally got some things up ^^.


  1. Yay, thanks for posting so fast! Many of the people I tag don't even do it! :-))

    I loved reading your answers! And listened to the song you linked! It is really good!!! :-)

  2. Thank you for tagging me! Your answers were really cute :D I'll try to get it done!

  3. @Thanh Thao: well, you tagged me so I post ^^. I have never been tagged before so I was quite happy ^^ And I'm glad you like to song too ^^

    @Violet LeBeaux: ah thanks ^^


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